Are Robot Vacuums Worth It? Everything You Need To Know

Are you wondering whether it's worth owning a robot vacuum or not? In this article, we take a look at what you can expect from rated robot vacuums in 2023 such as types of vacuums, benefits, as well as a few recommendation types to get you started.

What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

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A robot vacuum cleaner is a small vacuum, usually in the shape of a disc, that can work without you having to do anything. After being set up the first time, these devices can generally move around independently and keep working until the job is done or the battery needs to be charged. At that point, it will go back to its charging station on its own.

All this means that your house will be cleaned without you ever having to remove the stick vacuum.

Advantages of robot vacuums

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  • Easy to use

Both older adults and children can use these vacuums well because they are easy to use. The vacuum can keep cleaning with just a few clicks, which is excellent for homes with pets. Since these devices are programmed to clean any house, you don't need to hire a cleaner if your house is messy. The device will figure out the way on its own.

  • Cost-effectiveness

You can set a robotic vacuum cleaner to clean while you sleep, and it can run for a long time without your help. Since they don't need people to work during the day, they can save money on employee costs and electricity bills. Most of these items can also charge themselves.

  • Free controlling

The dust in your home will be cleaned up automatically by these cleaning devices. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, which need to be cleaned as required, this one doesn't need any care.

  • Remote-controlled devices

Manufacturers have added features like a remote control to their models to make them more useful. You can use them from anywhere as long as you have your phone. You can even set the device to clean at certain times of the day or every morning or evening when you are not at home. The app lets you do much without using your hands, which is a nice feature.

  • Consistent results

A robotic vacuum cleaner can find furniture in a room and clean the floor. If the device vacuums a rug or some other area, it wasn't supposed to; it will go back to where it was and keep cleaning until the whole floor is done. This ensures that the cleaning is thorough and consistent and that no dirt or debris is left behind.

Types of robot vacuum cleaners 

The most popular types of robotic vacuum cleaners are as regards:

  • Portable vacuums: Portable cleaning tools are called portable vacuum cleaners. Using vacuum suction, they can clear surfaces, furniture, and carpet of dirt, dust, and other debris. Examples of portable vacuums include canister vacuums, walk-behind or ride-on sweepers, backpack vacuums, wet/dry vacuums, and HEPA vacuum cleaners.

  • Suction vacuums: Considering a vacuum's suction force, airflow, and wattage might be helpful if you wish to remove particles like sand from shaggy carpet or rice from tile flooring. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't always advertise these figures besides the wattage. We consider vacuums with good overall performance or better across all surface types to approximate a vacuum's suction power.

  • Robot vacuum with mop: A robot vacuum with a mop is known as a mopping robot. A mopping robot is an option for a small home helper. Depending on the model, you can instruct the mopping robot to clean your floor using a remote or an app. This is also something you can accomplish online.

  • Apartment vacuums: Best apartment vacuum cleaners, like brooms, use anti-vibration technology to clear 60% more floor space than earlier models. The apartment vacuum cleaners have unique features that make them ideal for your home. 

  • Carpet vacuums: Carpets are an important aspect of a home. They greatly impact the homeowner's comfort and happiness; often, it's the home's most important feature. You will need the vacuum for carpets for a frequent cleaning without spending too much money.

  • Vacuums for hardwood floors: Hardwood floors, and other floor surfaces are made up of dirt, debris, and allergens. Vacuums are required to remove this junk from your flooring in a cluttered home or office! Our vacuum allows various materials, from carpets, hardwood floors, and other floor surfaces, to be easily vacuumed. The comprehensive filtration system captures even the smallest particles while ensuring you get only what you need to do the job (air), not what you don't (dust).

  • Wet-dry vacuums: It is designed to vacuum and wash your floors simultaneously, and unlike many other products, it can be used on sealed hard floors, area rugs, and floor mats.

  • Bagless vacuums: With a bagless vacuum cleaner, you can now clean your home more efficiently than ever by sucking up dust and dirt with minimal effort and energy! It features a one-switch mode, which automatically senses what type of flooring the house has, and a fully automated mode that picks up grime regardless of the flooring. Our unique laser-guided technology detects stains and can return to your kitchen without missing anything.

  • Canister vacuums: A canister vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to pick up and carry away dirt. It requires a powerful motor, an optimized motor design, precise ventilation, and a modern design to make it effective. With this canister vacuum cleaner, you'll not look at a canister vacuum cleaner any other way.

Recommendation brands of robot vacuums

We will discuss about pros & cons of the two best vacuum cleaner brands:

Shark Vacuum 

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The Shark Vacuum is a robot vacuum with relatively advanced automation features. While its app isn't intuitive, you can still set different cleaning modes, schedule cleaning sessions, or create virtual boundary lines to prevent the vacuum from entering specific spaces.


  • Wide range of automation features

  • Amazing maneuverability


  • No HEPA filter

  • High recurring costs

  • Pet hair gets caught in the brushroll

Bissell Vacuum


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Bissell vacuums are very popular and are a well-known brand. People using it must work hard to clean the house. The automatic cleaning system on a Bissell will find dirt on its own and clean what needs to be cleaned without the user having to do anything. The user doesn't have to clean again and again on the same day.


  • Works with cleaning solution

  • Mops and vacuums

  • Quiet operation

  • Automatically avoids carpet when mopping


  • Robot got stuck on some furniture in testing

  • No mapping features or voice control


Does it make sense to buy a robot vacuum?

A robot vacuum cleaner is a great addition to your home and gives you more time to do the things you enjoy most—unless your thing is vacuuming. Robot vacuums are small and won't take up much space in your home. They are a great addition to your cleaning tools for the house.

Should the robot vacuum run every day?

Most people who own robot vacuums think that running them four times a week is enough to keep the floors dust-free. However, you should use your robot vacuum more often if you have kids or pets. If you have seasonal allergies, you should vacuum your home every day.


So, are robot vacuums worth it? Robot vacuum cleaners are truely worth and have various features that make them the best cleaning devices in your home. Have you found one? We hope that our article will be helpful for you in selecting the best vacuum for your budget.

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