Can You Put Paper Towels In Air Fryer? - Our Compelling Advice

You might be uncertain about what to do now that you have an air fryer. When used inside an air fryer, some substances won't be an issue, while others will harm the appliance. Many of you have asked, "Can you paper towel in air fryer?" in the same manner. So let's discover the solution!

Things You Should & Should Not Use In An Air Fryer

Things You Should & Should Not Use In An Air Fryer

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You need to have a basic understanding of how an air fryer operates before we can debate whether or not paper napkins are appropriate for them.

Extremely heated air is circulated all around your meal in an air fryer. The food heats up to a point where it begins to prepare due to the intense air movement at a crucial temperature.

Cooking is one of many worries for most of us who use an air fryer. The subsequent cleanup can also be quite busy.

This complete air cooking experience can be enjoyable using and avoiding a few accouterments.

How should you decide which things to keep or throw out?

  • Extremely hot or cold materials should never be used.

  • Checking whether the substance you place inside your air fryer will dissolve is a straightforward rule of thumb. Nobody desires hot alien objects clinging to their meal.

  • Prevent using attachments that restrict the air fryer's natural airflow.

  • Prevent using paper and matting, which are poor heat carriers and result in inconsistent cooking.

  • You may use oven plates and pots if they fit in your air fryer without impeding ventilation.

Can You Put Paper Towels In Air Fryer

We are aware that you want to keep the interior of your air fryer clean, and we are also aware that you want to ensure that your food is shielded from the outside elements.

However, can a paper towel be placed inside an air fryer? The truth is that the response can be both yes and no.

You can't place paper napkins in an air fryer, but there are some instances in which you might want to use them while preparing something else. The air fryer is not one of those situations.

The trouble is that paper tends to get trapped on objects, and due to the high temperature of the air fryer, it can ignite or dissolve. In addition to that, it may cause the food to prepare unevenly.

However, you shouldn't stress about it because we've done the necessary research and come up with some fantastic alternatives for maintaining the cleanliness of your air fryer.

Is Putting Paper Towels In An Air Fryer A Good Idea?

Let's have a discussion about whether or not putting a paper towel is a smart plan before you go ahead and start doing it.

  • They are much too discreet

When you think about how an air fryer works, you'll realize that to prepare your food, it continuously moves heated air around the heating compartment in a circular motion. Because of the quite aggressive nature of this process, even relatively weighty things may end up moving inside your air fryer while it is in use. 

Compared to the strength of the circulating heated air in an air fryer, paper napkins do not stand a chance because of their lightweight composition.

If you position a paper towel inside your air fryer without securing it, it would simply become dispersed throughout the appliance. One of the potential solutions to this problem would be to position an additional wire rack over the top of the paper towel. 

This would allow you to avoid the problem. If you place the food immediately on top of the paper towel, and if the food is weighty enough, it may also prevent the food from floating around the heating compartment, provided it is heavy enough.

  • It poses a risk of fire

Because an air fryer was intended to take over for the burning previously done by a deep-fat fryer, the technique of heating they use is particularly forceful. The heating element housed within an air fryer gets extremely heated, as does the hot air produced by the equipment and circulated throughout the space.

Because of this, placing paper napkins in your air fryer presents the risk of catching fire, which is why it's not something I would recommend doing. Even if you find a way to prevent the paper napkins from falling out of the air fryer, there is no telling when they might do so. 

If the paper towel begins to move around the culinary compartment, there is a risk that it will become entangled in the burning element of the air fryer and cause a fire. Paper napkins become extremely combustible when placed on top of or in close proximity to a burning element.

This is the primary justification for why you should NEVER use paper napkins within your air fryer.

  • They prevent the flow of oxygen

Regarding cooking, air fryers depend heavily on the circulating heated air from the heating element (and a small blower) to do the job. This is sometimes referred to as "air frying." If anything is positioned in the path of this circulating heated air, the overall performance of the heating process will suffer.

Paper napkins, alas, do not have any openings or perforations that are sufficiently large to permit the passage of heated air through them. Therefore, if you position it anywhere near your food, it will obstruct the passage of air in your air fryer, resulting in a decreased level of culinary performance.

What Can Be Alternatives To Paper Towels As A Liner?

What Can Be Alternatives To Paper Towels As A Liner

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The first step is to closely study the manufacturer's directions or contact customer service for your brand.

To help you understand what can be used and what cannot consider the following advice:

  • Nothing combustible should be placed in the air burner.

  • Avoid putting anything that will dissolve in a heated setting, such as an air fryer, where the temperature is extremely high.

  • The material's dimensions ought to be smaller than those of the container. Additionally, it should only block a few openings and enable excellent ventilation. Never use heavy plates or containers that block the openings.

  • A lining is a superior substitute compared to cooking accouterments like plates and platters.

  • For best outcomes, punch perforations in the lining or perforated purchase liners.

Now let's examine some alternatives to paper towels for lining the air fryer basket. However, when using these liners, you should have a non-toxic air fryer.

Paper papyrus sleeves

Parchment paper inserts are the finest replacements for paper napkins in the air fryer.

They are not sticky or combustible. They are simple to locate on the internet. Your air fryer type will determine the sizes and lengths available.

Don't fret if you can't locate one that works. Just cut it out to the appropriate size for the container.

There are pierced and unperforated parchment paper inserts. You can make perforations in the non-perforated lining with a pencil or other pointed implement.

The covering on parchment sheets is composed of food-grade silicone. They won't ever tint, stain, or adhere to your meal.

Linings made of aluminum

An additional excellent substitute for a paper towel is an aluminum foil lining. Because it is non-stick, it readily absorbs all liquids, oils, and fats from the food.

The best part is that the air fryer is made simple to clean afterward.

It's crucial to make a few openings that match the container's perforations for unrestricted air movement.

This is due to the possibility of the metal foil covers blocking the basket openings. Food that is unevenly prepared as a result.

Being both oilproof and impermeable, foil containers are fantastic choices for baking. However, if you are preparing in the air fryer, avoid poking openings.

Silastic tube

Paper napkins can also be a great substitute if you use silicone inserts. You can purchase one that suits your container measurements based on the form and height of your basket.

To ensure proper ventilation movement, leave a few empty openings.

The air burner container does not need to be cleaned anymore. They remove oil and food scum from the container and leave it clean.

You can refill silicone containers because they are machine safe. The silicone covers are constructed of food-grade silicone and are BPA-free.

Due to its flexibility, you can raise it with ease. Use plastic containers for air-fried appetizers, baking, and warming.


What kind of paper towel works best in an air fryer?

You should pick a paper towel that won't leave behind debris or adhere to your food if you want to get the most out of your air fryer. In this situation, finding something porous and created from repurposed materials is crucial. You can save more than $100 in expenses over time.

How frequently should my air fryer be cleaned?

Giving your air fryer a complete cleansing after each use is the best way to maintain it in excellent shape. To disassemble the device, take out the components that can be removed from it and place them in a basin with tepid water and dish detergent. After giving them a few minutes to marinate, return to remove the detergent with a cloth or brush.

Is paper preferable to metal foil when using an air fryer?

Unwanted fat from your meal is absorbed by the narrow metal layer in aluminum foil, making it more efficient.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, sure, paper towels can be put in an air fryer. You should buy paper towels that are good for the environment and you because not all paper towels are created equal. Paper towels are one of many options; here, we also suggest the best air fryer to buy.

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