Can You Use Hand Cream On Your Face - Time To Find Out!

For some, the problem is straightforward. There is one cream container in the bathroom that may be used anywhere. They apply it to their body after getting out of the shower or bath, their hands after washing them, and their face after cleaning. But for other people, it's the complete opposite. What, then, is correct? Can you use hand cream on your face?

What Is The Difference Between The Hand & Face Skin?

What Is The Difference Between The Hand & Face Skin?


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Your glands are one of the main factors influencing the difference between the skin on your face and your hands.

Sweat glands and oil glands are the two major glands in your skin. If you're feeling scientific, sebaceous glands are the typical name for oil glands. Your hands are covered in sweat-producing glands, and your face is covered in oil-producing glands.

Remembering the differences might be made simple by recalling your first high school date. When you went in for that awkward first kiss, you undoubtedly had sweaty hands and a greasy forehead (don't worry, we bet you've improved since then in terms of cleanliness).

You acquire acne on your face but not your hands due to the varied gland concentrations across your skin. Those sebaceous glands partly bring on large pores and acne.

The thickness of the skin on your hands and face also differ. Because of their frequent exposure to the outside world, your hands have thicker, calloused skin. Your face's skin is thinner and requires more care because of this.

What Distinguishes Hand Cream From Face Cream?

Not so much the components as the concentration of those substances make the difference between hand cream and face cream.

Thicker skin that doesn't generate enough moisturizing oils must be treated with hand cream. Therefore, hand creams and lotions are thicker and often include more waxes and oils. If we're talking about hand cream for construction workers or other occupations, they leave that lovely residue on your skin that shields it from dryness.

Face creams address thinner, more fragile skin and often generate many of their own oils. Thus, They are designed to be thinner and contain fewer greasy components. Excellent face creams keep your skin moisturized without clogging your pores. They should also absorb well without producing a lot of residues.

Switching the two items is thus only sometimes a wise move. Hear us out: face creams are often more costly, so why spend them on your hands, where they won't be thick enough to keep your skin moisturized all day? Conversely, hand creams will work with the sebaceous glands on your face to clog your pores. Applying hand cream to your face makes you more prone to breakouts.

Can Hand Cream Be Used Under The Eyes?

Can Hand Cream Be Used Under The Eyes?


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Although technically possible, we don't advise using hand lotion beneath the eyes, particularly if you feel dry or irritated.

You need to be cautious about what components you put close to your eyes since your eyelids have the thinnest skin on your body. Hand creams often include more fragrance than face creams, which increases the likelihood that you may react negatively to the odors (natural or synthetic).

When you're ready to rub anything on your eyelashes, the standard "patch test your product before you use it" guidelines don't always hold. It's impossible to forecast how that thinner skin will respond accurately.

We know that even the mildest face creams may aggravate skin irritation around the eyes, resulting in itching, burning, and more dryness. Because of this, choosing a cream designed to treat dry eyelids is a safer decision.

Is It Safe To Apply Hand Cream To Your Neck?

Use face lotion or hand cream on your neck without risk, but be careful to choose items with mild components (and potentially none at all).

Your neck's skin has an intriguing mystery going on. It is comparable in thickness to the skin on your face and is as fragile and thin, but it doesn't have as many sebaceous glands as the skin on your face. Guys seldom have very greasy necks or a lot of neck acne.

Since your neck doesn't create natural moisturizers (oil), a thicker hand cream won't clog the pores there and will assist in keeping the skin there hydrated. If you're determined to use hand cream on your neck, consider a light hand cream since artificial smells and synthetic components may potentially irritate your skin.

To avoid causing neck wrinkles and sagging skin beneath your jaw, apply moisturizer to your neck by stroking it upwards from the collarbone to the jaw.

Can Hand Cream Be Used On The Face?

Can Hand Cream Be Used On The Face?


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You may have found out the solution to the hand lotion on face problem by this point. However, we wouldn't suggest it just to be sure. 

The demands of the skin on our hands and faces are distinct. It also needs something more tailored to our particular skin type. All hands are typically catered for by hand lotions, while some are especially suited for very dry skin. 

Face-specific moisturizers are often more specialized. For instance, if we have oily skin, we may require a different face cream for oily skin than extremely dry skin. 

However, if you use Sönd skincare items, not at all! All skin types may benefit from and get nourishment from our selection of alkalizing cleansers, moisturizers, and other skincare products. That is, all face skin types. 

Sönd skin care will benefit you whether you have oily skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin, eczema, or psoriasis. 

If you apply our face products on your hands, that's up to you. That one is up to you. But what is our suggestion? Use only one (or two) moisturizer for your face, hands, and body. Your flawless skin will all appreciate it! 


Can I use body and hand cream on my face?

Although body lotions and face moisturizers may serve comparable purposes, body lotion shouldn't be used on the face owing to the different textures of the two skin types. Body lotions are heavier and moisturize your skin, but face creams are lighter and include chemicals that cure acne and hyperpigmentation.

Can hand cream be used elsewhere?

Although this is suitable for use on rough areas of the body, using it all over the body may have unfavorable effects. Given that lactic acid is in hand, creams have a peeling impact on our skin and could irritate our bodies.

Is hand lotion just body lotion?

Hand and body cream's consistency is where the biggest distinction resides. Given all the items your hands come into contact with during the day, hand creams frequently have a thicker consistency and a greater oil content to penetrate the harder layers of skin.

Is daily usage of hand cream safe?

How frequently you should apply hand lotion is not governed by specific guidelines. Some advise using it each time you wash your hands, while others use it sometimes during the day.

Will hand cream work on my legs?

Most hand and body lotions are meant for both, but the main distinction between the two is that hand creams are somewhat thicker than body lotions since we wash our hands every day.

Final Verdict

So, can you use hand cream on your face? If your skin isn't excessively dry, you shouldn't apply hand lotion on your face. Too thick to effectively moisturize the face, hand cream. You'll detest the residue it produces and the pimples it brings on as a result. It works wonders on the skin of your hands, which is what it's meant to do!

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