How To Adjust Height On Gaming Chair? 3 Step-by-step Guides

For optimal posture and to avoid pain and stains during extended gaming sessions, it is crucial that your gaming chair is at the proper height. A chair height for computer gaming allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor, your hips aligned with your knees, and your back appropriately supported. This article outlines three step-by-step guides for determining the optimal chair height. So, let's dive in.

How to properly adjust a game chair

These are two general suggestions for correctly adjusting your gaming chair. Although each gaming chair and the human body is unique, we have attempted to make these recommendations and principles as universal as possible. You must be able to assemble your pc gaming chair to understand what adjustments must be made.

First guide: Raising and lowering a chair 

how to adjust height on gaming chair

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  1. Check for manual controls.

Most gaming chairs for PC feature levers linked to the base directly below the seat. There may be multiple controls for things such as seat height and angle. You can modify the chair's height by simply pulling up on the appropriate lever if seated.

  • You will turn a knob rather than pull a lever in specific versions.

  • If you are unsure which lever controls the chair's height, you can either consult the chair's manual or pull the levers until you find the correct one.

  1. Adjust the seat height till it is comfortable.

After pushing the appropriate lever on most chairs, the seat can be raised and lowered freely. Adjust it until you reach your ideal "sweet spot." Move the chair in increments of no more than a few inches (or millimeters). When finished, return the lever to its original position.

  • In some versions, you must pull the lever up to raise the seat but push it down to lower it.

  • Pneumatic types permit the lever to be "pumped" (push it repeatedly up or down to raise or lower the seat).

  1. If you cannot correct it, try adjusting from a standing posture. 

Stand before the chair and pull the appropriate lever. Elevate or lower the chair seat until the front edge is slightly below the kneecap. You should now be able to sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor on the chair.

Second guide: Selecting the appropriate chair height for your activity

how to adjust height on gaming chair

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  1. When using a computer, keep your eyes level with the screen.

The optimal placement for the monitor is just below eye level, with the keyboard at elbow level. If you cannot modify the height of your monitor, you can alter the height of your seat.

  1. When working on a flat surface, keep your elbows at desk height. 

This applies to activities such as reading a book or something on paper, handwriting, drawing, etc. Reduce or increase the size of your chair till your elbows and arms can rest comfortably on the desk.

  1. During lengthy durations of sitting, place your feet on the floor. 

If you must remain stationary for an extended period, such as during a conference, sitting correctly is crucial. Adjust the height of your chair till your feet are flat on the floor to avoid sitting awkwardly.

Third guide: Enhancing safety and comfort

how to adjust height on gaming chair

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  1. Adjust the armrest height if the chair has them. 

If you are working at a desk to type or do other similar chores, lift the armrests until they allow you to maintain your arms nearly parallel to the desk. If you do not require arm support, you may be able to remove or lower the armrests, so they are not in the way.

  • If the armrests prohibit you from sliding your knees comfortably under your desk, lower or eliminate them.

  1. Adjust your position every 15 to 30 minutes. 

This prevents stress and other problems. If your task does not need you to modify your pc chair height, you can still try shifting your position. For example, briefly lean forward and return to a fully sat work. Also, you may move your weight from one side of the chair to the other.

  1. Get a footrest if the height of your chair is too high. 

It may be impossible to adjust your chair such that your feet rest comfortably on the floor and your arms remain at a comfortable working height. If so, place a footrest under your desk and prop your feet on it.

  • Footrests are often adjustable and can be obtained in supply stores.

Tips for maintaining correct posture during gaming

  • Straighten your neck and head

  • Maintain a straight back

  • Don't cross your legs

  • Take breaks

  • Adjust the armrests

You can maintain proper gaming posture, avoid discomfort, and enhance your computer gaming experience by following these tips.


What happens if you sit on a gaming chair too low?

If your footwear is overly tall, your feet may hang. Sitting too low, your thighs will not rest flat on the seat. There are a few additional aspects associated with the height of your chair, and we shall address them all today. What is the optimal chair height for gaming?

What are the benefits of posture support in a gaming chair?

A healthy sitting position in a gaming chair prevents the hips from protruding. A minimum of 4 cm of lumbar support while seated resolves the issue. This keeps the hips from leaning forward, supporting a straight upper back. The benefits of gaming chair posture assistance include increased energy and productivity.

How is a gaming chair adjusted?

Adjusting the height of the seat should be the initial step. To accomplish this, you should sit on your new gaming chair and position your feet, so they are flat. Your gaming chair is the appropriate height.

Final thought 

Adjusting the height of your chair is one of the aspects that must be balanced to maintain the proper posture while sitting at a computer. Apply the above guides to accomplish this without having to dispose of your office chair. Thank you for reading!

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