How To Apply Cologne For Men? - 4 Different Ways

In my opinion, a man's fragrance is the one accessory he wears that says more about him than anything else he might be wearing. Okay, then, gentlemen, how should I spray on your fragrance?

Tips on how guys can best use perfume


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Bathe and apply lotion.

Commence while your skin is still heated and your pores are accessible, right after a wash. After toweling off, applying moisturizer will help the fragrance sink into your skin and last longer.

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Keep the container six inches away from your target region (neck, lower tummy, or upper crotch) and spritz liberally. Another excellent location is the forearms. Rub the product in too vigorously, and you risk damaging the molecules and hastening their breakdown.

Just one spritz is usually sufficient; any more would be a loss of product, and spraying the air and then walking through it would ruin your clothes (could damage the garments). Calvin Klein fragrances are top-notch aftershaves. Take a look now!

Unbreakable as wax

These are a step above the average, everyday use, and thus are less common. Use them on your arms and the back of your neck for maximum effect. These are intended to be massaged in, but not in the same manner that moisturizer is applied. Always use a sparing amount when applying anything to your face, as too much can have the opposite effect.


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As the day progresses, you won't be able to smell it as strongly because your nostrils will have adjusted to it. Remember that just because you can't detect the fragrance on your coworkers, partner, or acquaintances doesn't mean they can't. When reapplying perfume during the day, use only a fraction of the amount you initially used because you lose your sense of smell.

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Methods for Preserving Perfume


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Cologne, like that rare container of liquor you've been guarding, should not be kept in the restroom or on a cabinet top where it will be subjected to high temperatures and direct sunlight. Locate a spot in the cupboard where you can install a small rack for it. 

Because of the sun and humidity, the components will degrade and vaporize more quickly. We recommend replacing your perfume every three to five years. (Some claim every year, but they're presumably trying to sell you perfume.) Bad odors and possible skin damage can result from rancid oils and an excessive amount of booze.

Selecting a Scent

If you pick the correct "men's colognes," you might not give it a second thought about how long it will last since you'll want to wear it every day. Determine the scents that you currently enjoy. 

Do you like to take long strolls amidst the pines? How about the aroma of freshly squeezed citrus juice or biscuits in the oven? Do you wish you could still scent the tobacco but be happy that you no longer smoke? You can find a fragrance that incorporates any odor that brings up pleasant memories for you.

Get informed

Many companies now provide online guidelines to help you find a flavor profile that suits your tastes. You should only sample a few products per shopping trip. If you inhale any more than that, your nose will close down. 

Shop at odd hours when there are fewer fragrance models trying to upsell you on the newest luxury scent. To that end, the cost of your fragrance will be influenced by some factors, including the exoticness of its ingredients, the strength of its concentration, and the size of its advertising budget. 

Although you get what you pay for, it's important to keep in mind that the quality of a perfume is not as important as whether or not you or your significant other enjoy the way it interacts with your body chemistry.

The context in which you intend to wear it should be taken into account. Even if you think a scent with a lot of sensual, seductive undertones would be perfect for a night out, do you really want to risk alienating the company's director of Human Resources? 

While it's wonderful to have a trademark fragrance, you might also want to consider stocking up on a variety of fragrances. A great rule of thumb is to rotate your perfumes with the seasons; ideally, you'll have eight different smells, two for work and six for play. 

It's possible that a more delicate scent would be preferable in the sweltering heat of summer, while a toasty, woodsy aroma would be just the thing to chase away the cold of winter. Like a well-tailored outfit or a well-worn pair of denim, the correct fragrance can make a person feel attractive and confident.


How should one properly spray on aftershave?

Perfume should be sprayed three to six inches away from the flesh on pulse spots like the inner wrist and the nape of the neck. Concentrated amounts of fragrance will blend in with your natural aroma and radiate outwards from the body more effectively if applied to the pulse points, the heated areas where the blood circulates.

Putting perfume on one's flesh or one's clothes?

The oils are formulated to be taken by the skin and combined with the oils already present to form a fragrance that is uniquely yours. You can't get that effect by spraying perfume on your clothes, so keep perfume on your face and nowhere else. So, don't sprinkle a mist of it and wade through it, either.

How about a little cologne?

Apply pressure with a dab rather than a rub. There are two main reasons why you shouldn't spray or massage. In the first place, pressing your wrists together can lower the pitch of your voice (or the scents you smell in the first five minutes of applying perfume). Second, it can alter the scent because of the intense blending of your natural lipids and the perfume.

Final Remarks

Do you feel confident about applying men's fragrances now that you've reviewed our guide? If you answered yes, then you should read this article about the finest colognes for guys so you can buy the right one for you right away.

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