How To Clean Air Purifier: Step-By-Step Guide

Your home becomes better and healthy thanks to an air filter. However, forgetting to perform proper, routine air filter upkeep is simple. Sometimes the appliances that maintain our houses require a little self-cleaning. So how to clean air purifiers? Check the answer in this article.

Can Air Purifier Filters Be Washed?


Yes! When grit, pollen, or cat hair aren't clogging up the filtration of air purifiers, they perform at their best. If you or a member of your family needs clean air to manage asthma or other breathing conditions, cleaning your air filter is even more crucial.

A decent air filter can cost thousands of dollars. Make the most of your money by cleansing your equipment once a month and, if required, changing its filters once a year.

To find out how frequently the maker advises filter replacement and cleansing, consult the user instructions for your gadget.

How to clean air purifier

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There are many different lines and types of air purifiers such as ionizer air purifiers, portable air purifiers, quiet air purifiers or personal air purifiers, etc. However, in general they all have a common way to clean. Here are 5 basic steps to learn how to clean an air purifier.

Step 1: Adequate Protection

Protecting yourself from the germs and pollutants caught in the filter is the first step in cleansing an air cleaner. We advise using a throwaway mask and mittens to reduce the dissemination of pathogens or possible allergic triggers. Allergy patients should avoid the region while they clear the air purifier's filtration.

Step 2: Unplug the appliance

To prevent harming the appliance while cleaning, switch off and disconnect the air filter. To avoid an electrical explosion, make sure to switch it off before disconnecting. Air filters should never be used while connected to and switched on, just like any other electrical equipment.

Step 3: Cleanse from the inside out.

Wiping down the surface of the device with a wet towel to clear grit, grime, or other similar particulates is the most straightforward stage in the cleaning procedure. The air intake/outlet will then be cleaned of particles using a vacuum. By doing this, pollutants are prevented from being dispersed back into the atmosphere.

Step 4: Filter cleaning

The most crucial stage in cleaning an air cleaner is cleaning the filter. Remove the screen slowly. It's time to install a fresh filter if your air cleaner utilizes throwaway ones. If your filter is removable or fixed, you should immediately clear it. The HEPA filter in the machine should either be cleansed with a cleaner or put under water, depending on the model. Before changing your filter in the air cleaner, ensure it is scorched if it can be submerged in water.

Step 5: Changing the Filter

Your air cleaner filter won't be able to be washed for much longer. It needs to be replaced now. If the filter needs to be changed, do so to maintain your gadget operating at its peak.

How often should you replace the filter of your air purifier?


Open the air cleaner and inspect the filter to examine your filter. You can find directions on where to find your filter in the initial manufacturer's instructions. For optimum efficiency, most manufacturers advise replacing your filter every 3-6 months. Change your filter every 30 to 60 days if you have allergies, asthma, or want to breathe healthier air.

Tips for cleaning air purifiers 

Filter for humidification: Water should be used to clean the humidifying filter twice a month.

The main section and the front plate (Once a month or so)

• Use a wet cloth to remove any grit and grime; do not use a firm fabric or excessive force. Otherwise, the surface could be harmed.

• Using a dry towel, wipe the power connector.

Before washing the device, make sure to unplug it. Do not use the cleansers mentioned above, and when using chemically treated fabric, closely observe the directions.


What occurs if you don't change the filter in your air purifier?

If it is not replaced promptly, your filter will become blocked with microscopic organisms like bacteria, viruses, and mildew spores. It will only be able to collect them on the top of the filter and not be able to clear fresh ones.

How can I tell if the air filter I have is clean?

Checking the ventilation leaving your filter is a quick and easy method to ensure it operates properly. A blower on an air filter pulls air from within the space. The air cleaner will release pure air as it screens out dangerous toxins from your air.

Can I use water to cleanse the air cleaner filter?

Although you can wash the filter in water, drain off extra dust, or hover up some of it, doing so can harm the fiber grid that the filter uses to clear particulates from the air.

Are mini air purifiers worth it?

If you live in a region where wildfires are common, a mini air portable can still do a great job of ridding the air of pollen, allergies, or pollutants from smoke. It may not be as potent as a larger model, though.

How do you know if an air filter is functioning?

Examining the fan is the easiest method to determine whether your air filter is operating correctly. Place a palm close to the air cleaner's inlet or exit. Your appliance is in good working order if you can sense a powerful, consistent air movement. If not, you might have a blocked filter restricting the flow of air.

Last words

With the above instructions, you already know how to clean an air purifier. Hopefully, you will take good care of your air purifier so that it can promote its best effect.

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