How To Curl Hair With Straightener: Step-By-Step Guide

Wavy haircuts or curled threads are popular hairstyles among women nowadays. The straightener is a helpful instrument for styling these elegant hairstyles. So how to curl hair with a straightener?

Why use a straightener to curl your hair

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Straightener curls happen quickly. A full cranium can typically be completed in 10 parts or less.

Straightener curls are trendy these days. Modern haircuts are simple and uncomplicated. Flat irons create a more compacted, extended form than curling irons. It is ideal for creating tight, round curls.

Straightener curls are incredibly flexible. A hair straightener can be used to create a variety of styles. 

Straightener curls last a long time. You have the fire on both surfaces with those instruments. Because you're not 'cooking' both sides of the hair with heat, you may not be heating it thoroughly. Because a flat iron heats both sides of the hair, the curls or waves are well-set and will last eternally. The hair will not fall.

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Step 1: Apply a heat protectant to your hair 

People, put your safety first. Use a heat-protectant product to keep your hair from becoming burned or harmed.

Step 2: On the right side, begin curling the hair closest to your neck

Part a 1-inch piece of hair near the base of your neck and pass it through the straightener's two clips. Then, rotate your forearm away from your face in one smooth motion (or else your hair will be crimped), so the hair runs over (not under) the iron.

To achieve the curve, keep the hair wrapped around the base of the flat iron as you press the iron toward your ends. It's the same method you'd use to twist a ribbon with a knife. Oh, and remember that the smaller the portion, the curlier your hair will be. So, if you want to try highly tight curls, separate a piece less than 1 inch long.

Step 3: Work your way up toward your hairline 

With the flat iron, continue to move toward your forehead. Remember to put the hair into the flat iron slightly higher than mid-length, ensuring your curve begins closer to the top of your head rather than just at the tips.

Step 4: Grab the hair section at the hairline 

Finish the right side by grasping the hair at the forehead, clamping the hair around the mid-length, and then turning the iron away from your face. Because the hair near the forehead isn't as dense as the rest of your hair, it's simple to curve.

Step 5: On the left side, begin again at your nape 

Rep step two, but this time on the left side of your skull.

If you're right-handed, your right arm should be extending over your head, and your fingertips should be directed toward the floor as you twist the center portion of your hair. This positioning is typical (though it may feel strange) and will help you better manage the iron. However, as you progress toward the extremities, turning your forearm away from your face, you'll notice that your arm must pass before your face to reach the points.

Step 6: Complete with the hair at your straightener 

Rep step 4 to complete the hair on your left side at the forehead. (To manipulate the iron, extend your right arm over your head and bring it to your face.) If you don't like the split spiral appearance, drag your fingertips through the curls to break them up a bit, or use a boar hair brush for a more consistent finish.

Step 7: Apply hairspray to your hair 

That's all there is to it! You've used a curler to curve your hair effectively. Before you take a picture, mist your hair with hairspray to ensure your curls stay in place.

Straightening hair curling Tips

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Begin with a thermal protector: Using a heat-protecting product is a good idea whenever you use a heated grooming implement. Please choose a product that protects against thermal harm, whether it's a mist, lotion, or moisturizer.

Clamp the iron down to accomplish the desired curl: When curling your hair with a flat iron, one of the most important things to remember is to always be conscious of how you are shutting the iron based on the final outcome. As previously mentioned, gripping the iron upright, applying too much pressure, and rolling extra-large portions of hair can all affect the form of the spiral.

Maintain the tool's movement: You risk scorching your tresses if you use a curler for an extended period. As you thread the instrument through the hair, keep the substance moving.

Begin curling near your eyes: Curls that begin at eye level appear more natural than curls that start above or below that level. Similarly, a natural, curled look can be achieved by keeping an inch or two of hair at the ends out of the iron.


Why is it that my hair won't retain a curl?

Similarly to using too little product during the curling process, using too much can cause your hair to lose its curve. Apply three to four spritzes of hairspray, a small amount of gel, or a small amount of cream as a starting point, and add more as needed.

Is it better to use hairspray before or after straightening?

Hairspray is more than just a dressing aid. Spraying a little hairspray on new hair before straightening keeps it straighter for longer, but experts recommend keeping it minimal.

Is it necessary to condition your hair before flattening it?

Even if your hair is dry, you should always shield it from the fire of your shaping products. Using a hair lotion or serum to prepare your hair for curling or flattening will avoid harm and simplify shaping.

Is it permissible to use a dryer on damp hair?

Before using the dryer, make sure your hair is dehydrated. Hair straighteners should not be used on damp hair.

Final words

Indeed with the above information, you already know how to curl hair with straightener. Hope you will be successful and get really satisfactory hair.

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