How To Hide Security Cameras Indoor & Outdoor Your Home

You and your family can feel safer if your home security system includes security cameras. Modern smart home security cameras are capable of much more than just recording video; they can also activate motion sensors, activate your burglar alarm, enable two-way audio to deter burglars, ignore unimportant alerts, and zoom in on the video to read license plates and faces while also providing colored night vision. Additionally, even though placing outdoor and indoor security cameras where they are apparent to potential burglars may deter theft, there are times when it makes sense to hide security cameras. But how can you do it effectively?

Why should you hide security cameras?

By leaving the camera in plain sight, shouldn't the burglars know that you are keeping an eye on them? Wrong. Contrary to conventional assumption, hidden security cameras operate better.

Here’s why? 

  • Mysterious behavior: 

What kind of treatment does the new nanny give your kids behind your back? Of course, the surveillance camera will capture that. But if the caregiver knows you are watching them, how will you know the truth?

The fact is that people will behave differently if they are aware that a camera is recording them. So, concealing your security camera will allow you to see how your housekeeper or caregiver acts behind your back.

  • Aesthetics:

Security cameras are necessary, but they muck up the carefully chosen color scheme and décor you worked so hard to create in your home. Thus you may avoid having a security camera that is an eyesore for you by concealing or camouflaging it.

  • Guests:

Another reason for hiding your security camera is this. Being watched never feels good and makes people uncomfortable. Hence, by hiding your security cameras, you may both make your home feel inviting and comfortable for guests. For you, the situation is beneficial.

  • Maybe Disabled:

Homes are becoming more intelligent, but so are criminals. They would turn off the security cameras in your home as soon as they realized they would be busted if seen on the tape.

Thus, it would help if you concealed your security camera. This way, your home will appear to burglars as an innocent, ignorant location. In actuality, you'll be completely aware of who's scheming behind your back. Also, you will prevent damage to your security cameras.

Best security camera for hiding

how to hide indoor security camera

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If you plan on hiding security cameras in and around your home, investing in a camera that will allow you to do this quickly is essential. This means that you'll need a wireless home security camera, as it does not need to be hooked up to your home's wiring, thus limiting where you can place it. A wireless security camera requires no wiring, can be placed anywhere, and can be installed yourself in just a few minutes. 

How to hide indoor security cameras

how to hide indoor security camera

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Owners of houses and companies can hide their security cameras using various techniques. However, there are alternatives for indoor cameras that aren't installed, including:

  • Decor

  • Bookshelves

  • Television or gaming centers

  • Display cases

Such furniture offers an open surface to which the camera can be mounted or on which minor alterations may be made. The best part is that decorations may be added to hide the camera in all cases. A subdued illustration is found in television or game centers, which already need many systems and can be positioned there.

On the other side of the spectrum, examples include bookcases and display cabinets. Although it would not be possible to place similar electrical devices, some people have turned to hollow out books, hiding cameras behind awards, utilizing plants, drilling a hole at the back and covering it with a screen, and other methods. However, if the furniture is constructed of wood, such a procedure would necessitate some craftsmanship on the owner's part and the tools used.

In a while, the most straightforward technique to hide your monitoring in a home or business setting is to cover security cameras with decor. Others position them amid decorations on shelves high up. Some parents like to hide cameras in toys or among decorations. Office managers sometimes use similar practices to improve lobby surveillance, such as mounting cameras on shelves or at the secretary's desk.

Even though you could find these tips helpful, security cameras have disadvantages due to their design when hiding is the primary concern. Although these allow for more creativity, pinhole, and fisheye cameras, for instance, are less likely to generate images of the same caliber as the other ideas. Like dome cameras, wireless cameras are more mobile and offer superior quality, although they may be tougher to conceal by design.

How to hide outdoor security cameras

how to hide indoor security camera

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When it comes to concealing, outdoor cameras have similar difficulties as inside cameras. Because most businesses use bullet cameras mounted high on their buildings, they might not have the luxury of hiding. The following are some examples of hiding cameras for individuals who might use dome PTZ cameras or home surveillance systems at ground level:

  • Feeders

  • Fixtures

  • Plants

  • Statues

  • Machinery

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Birdhouses

Like before, the owner may need some skill to install a camera in a light, birdhouse, or outdoor furniture. For instance, a birdhouse specifically designed to contain a camera must be built with no area for the birds to use. As an alternative, mounting a camera on a plant or statue would call for more creative execution on the owner's side. Remember that the outside camera should be weatherproof by design as well.

Additionally, cameras might be positioned within or around machines for a significant impact. Examples are air conditioning equipment, and pool pumps close to the breaker box.

What to consider before hiding a security camera

  • The range of your network is still necessary for wireless security cameras to connect to Wi-Fi.

  • Ensure you know the appropriate charging times for your camera if it runs on batteries. All of your covert cameras wouldn't need to be charged simultaneously!

  • Ensure that nothing obstructs the camera. Although intelligent home security cameras can ignore pet hair or tree branches, you want to ensure your vision field is clear.

  • Please choose a security camera that best compliments its surroundings. White cameras might work if you were trying to conceal one in your white house, while black cameras may work better if you tried hiding one in a bush. Some individuals might additionally paint their cameras, but you should exercise caution.


Can surveillance equipment be cloaked?

As long as you follow the guidelines for one-party permission and a reasonable expectation of privacy, hidden cameras are often acceptable. In addition, 11 of the 15 states with home security camera legislation expressly permit them—albeit with restrictions.

In my bedroom, how can I conceal my camera?

Bedroom Spy Camera Hideout

So, one of the ideal locations for a hidden camera would be a nightstand, concealed beneath a common item like a clock or radio. On the nightstand, you may place a covert camera that has previously been integrated into a clock. Curtain-Rod - A curtain-rod may also be present.


Many great features on smart in house security cameras can make you feel safe at home, whether far away or in bed at night. Security cameras can be used independently or as part of a smart home security package. They can be used to watch your kids or find porch pirates and possible intruders. So, have you got how to hide security cameras indoors and outdoors? We hope our article will be helpful for you in selecting cameras for your home.

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