How To Make A Bluetooth Speaker Louder - Full Instructions

Many people are unaware of how to make a bluetooth speaker louder. Since everyone else is alright with the noise on them and they can hear things more reasonably, they might not even be aware that it is feasible. This piece discusses 9 ways for enhancing your Bluetooth device's music.

What Is A Bluetooth Speaker?

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The goal of a sound device known as a portable Bluetooth speaker is to make it simpler for you to enjoy listening to the music or recordings you already have a collection of. Most of them are moveable, so you can take them with you almost wherever you go.

This is possible due to the absence of cables that need to be connected. You need to connect it electronically to your phone or another device, and then you can start having fun with it. What you can accomplish with your speakers is not constrained in any way.

The Reasons For The Low Volume Of Bluetooth Speakers

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Several things could be causing the low volume coming from your wireless speaker.

  • The first issue is that the volume needs to be turned down too far on your device. The easiest way to address this issue is to raise the intensity, which can be done by holding down the power button on your device and navigating through the menus to find the volume controls.

  • The second possibility is that the speaker or microphone in your Bluetooth device is malfunctioning, in which case it will continue to produce a muffled sound until you have it repaired or replaced.

  • The third reason is that you are in a chaotic environment, which means that your Bluetooth speaker will not be able to generate sufficient music because of all the background commotion around you.

  • The fourth possible explanation is that you need to be closer to your Bluetooth receiver. If this is the case, the volume will be quiet because there will be a significant physical distance between your device and the speakers.

There's also a possibility that the battery in the speaker is running low, which makes it more difficult for your smartphone to transmit messages to the speakers and make the music stronger.

How To Make A Bluetooth Speaker Louder (9 Ways)

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1. Inspect the room's surroundings

When trying to increase the volume of a Bluetooth speaker, it is important to consider the room's dimensions as well as any boundaries that may be present. In enclosed spaces, sound "bounces" off the walls and produces "bouncing" sound, whereas in open spaces, sound gradual fades as it travels further away from the origin of the sound.

The further one is located from the source, the weaker the signal becomes after being amplified. This indicates that detecting music will be more challenging as you move further away from the source. The inverse square law states that the amplitude of a sound will diminish as the source of the sound is further away from the listener.

The area of the room, in addition to other factors, would determine the acoustic quality of a space. It is essential to remember that there are barriers between you and the source gadget you are using, such as walls or furnishings, if you want to achieve the best Bluetooth speaker sound quality.

2. Set it down on the ground

Position the speaker to face level, firm surfaces such as a table, counter, or floor. It is worthwhile to try out various materials to determine whether or not there is an increase in capacity as a result. 

This will produce a reverberation, making the Bluetooth speaker sound stronger and more directed in the direction it is coming from. Put the speaker in a location where it won't be blocked by most objects or buildings, and place a sheet or cloth behind it so that the sound vibrations can travel further.

3. Put it so that it is against a wall

If you position the Bluetooth speaker to flush against a wall, the sound will be amplified, making the audio easier to hear.

Suppose you want to increase the volume of the sound coming from your speaker by positioning it to flush against a wall or near another surface. In that case, you must ensure that there is nothing in the way between the speaker and the location where you want the sound to be stronger.

4. Put it in the vicinity of a corner

Placing a Bluetooth speaker near a corner or wall is one method to increase the volume of the sound coming from the device. The loudness of the music speaker you are listening to will become louder due to the sound vibrations reflecting off these surfaces and amplifying the effect.

However, it is essential to avoid positioning the speaker too close to the audience, as this will result in a reverberation effect that the attendees may find distracting. To avoid the creation of reverberation, ensure that the Bluetooth speaker is positioned at a minimum distance of 12 inches from the nearest wall.

5. Verify that the microphone parameters are correct

You have a few options available if the intensity on your Bluetooth speaker still needs to be turned up to its maximum level and you desire to raise it. Verify that each aural parameter has been adjusted appropriately by performing a second review. Proceed to the Preferences menu, select music, and check that the volume is turned up on both the smartphone and the Bluetooth speaker.

6. Utilize several different Bluetooth speakers

Utilizing a second Bluetooth speaker as a supplementary source of sound is one method that can be utilized to increase the loudness of the speaker that you have Bluetooth powers. To accomplish this, connect the two speakers via Bluetooth and position them so that they are close enough for each speaker to be heard distinctly. 

You can connect the Bluetooth speaker to the auxiliary connection located on the rear of your home theater system if you want to use a connected set of speakers. Still, the volume on your Bluetooth speaker needs to be higher.

7. Take away anything that can soak up sound

If the sound coming from your speaker is too muffled, you should eliminate any objects in the area that have the potential to soak up sound. For instance, the furnishings and carpeting can partially absorb sound vibrations.

  • Take the furnishings out of the room

  • Change locations to one with concrete surfaces, or eliminate any carpets on the floor.

  • Alternatively, heavier curtains or draperies can be changed for sheers or lighter curtains.

If you follow these instructions, your Bluetooth speaker will have a higher volume.

8. Ensure that your Bluetooth receiver is in working order

You should check and clear your Bluetooth speaker to ensure that it is not dirty and has no buildups of grime or residue prohibiting sound from coming out.

To eliminate any dust or particles of residue that may have accumulated on the speaker, wipe it down with a moist towel that does not contain hair.

9. Steer clear of surfaces made of metal or glass

The surface of a Bluetooth speaker can obscure and obstruct some of the sound frequencies, which can cause the speaker to have a quieter sound than it should have. This is one of the most frequent causes of the speaker. The most dangerous violators are platforms made of glass, metal, or tables.

If you want the volume of your speaker to be increased, consider positioning it on a solid surface or suspending it from the ceiling using strings so that the speaker's edges are visible and pointing downward.

How Loud Can A Bluetooth Speaker Be?

The maximum volume of Bluetooth speakers is 95 decibels, but this varies depending on the speaker. They typically fall somewhere between 50 and 90 decibels.

There are several variables, including the following, that can either diminish or increase the volume:

  • The amount of space that separates your gadget and the speaker.

  • How long does the battery life last on your phone?

  • The level of ambient commotion that can be heard in the space.

  • The loudness setting can be found in the navigation area of your device's Bluetooth.


How are low-volume Bluetooth speakers fixed?

This is fairly simple! Just turn up the level on each gadget individually. Verify and make sure the audio is streaming on the originating device. Remove any metallic or other obstructive objects from the vicinity of the portable speakers. Remove any device attached to the wireless device's audio interface as well.

How can a Wireless device be made louder when outside?

There are several methods to increase the volume of your Wireless device outside. You may carry out the following:

  • Obtain a second voice.

  • Investigate potential causes of a limited amount.

  • Analyze the space's dimensions.

How can I increase the volume of my iPhone's Wireless speaker?

Choose Music from the options menu, then adjust the level by clicking on it. Remember that the audio-up option is only used to raise the level.

How can Bluetooth speakers on Android be made louder?

Visit options immediately, then look around the level icon to determine how loud you want the speakers to be.

Final Thoughts

You've probably figured out how to make a Bluetooth speaker louder. This piece has taught you a lot about how to increase the volume of your speakers in various methods, regardless of the best Stereo Bluetooth spfeaker.

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