How To Use A Crimper? A Step-by-Step Guide

Crimped haircuts have been seen on red carpets and runways, showing that the 1990s have returned. What was once a distant memory from our childhood is now a pretty stylish hairstyle that may be worn over the whole head or in little pieces. Despite the trendy appeal of having a zigzag style, this hairstyle option is quite enjoyable to play with since it fits various hair textures and types. If you want a new hairstyle, it's time to get a crimper. Let's plunge in!

How to use a crimper 

how to use a crimper

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  1. Start style with a crimper only on clean, dry hair: 

Clean hair is ideal for crimping. Shampoo and conditioner may be used to soften hair. Let your hair thoroughly air-dry, or blow-dry since crimping damp hair is a strict no-no. Using a hot crimping iron on wet hair might damage follicles and breakage.

  1. Employ a heat protectant and style product together: 

If your hair has a lot of frizz, add a dime-sized quantity of anti-frizz serum. Afterward, apply volumizing spray throughout your hair. If you begin this method, your hair will retain the crimp longer. Consider putting a heat protectant spray on your whole hair to shield it from heat damage.

  1. Allow the crimping plates to heat up: 

Plug in your hair crimper and pick a temperature between 180°C and 200°C for the crimping plates. This will adequately curl your hair without burning your hair or scalp. Before using the leaves, let them warm up for a minute. The higher the heat setting, the greater the effectiveness of the style. But, if you have thin hair, excessive heat settings may harm your hair.

  1. Crimp hair in sections: 

Depending on the thickness of your hair, crimp each area of hair for 5-7 seconds. Grasp a segment of hair at the bottom with your non-dominant hand and, beginning at the roots, gently squeeze the crimper with your dominant hand. Get as near as possible to your scalp without burning it. Maintain pressure for 5-7 seconds, and then release it. Use clips to clip up and keep out of the way the hair you are not presently dealing with.

  1. Continue crimping your hair down the length for a consistent appearance: 

Move the crimper down the size of your hair and clamp the next part. Overlap the barrel of the crimper with the last kink. Continue until the whole area is crimped; this will avoid any gaps in your waves.

  1. To get a natural appearance, you must deal with uneven hair sections: 

Use the crimper lightly on various portions of your hair to get a more relaxed appearance. Change the pattern by leaving out parts of your hair. After styling your hair, tousle it for a loose, voluminous beach look.

  1. Repair the style with hairspray: 

Spritz your hair with a setting spray for a crimped look that lasts. We advise applying a hairspray with a flexible hold to prevent the hair from seeming rigid and unnatural.

Tips for choosing a crimper

how to use a crimper

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  1. Get a hair crimper with ceramic plates for consistent usage 

A wire crimper may be purchased with either ceramic or metal plates. Get a ceramic model if you want to use this styling tool often. This crimper is more expensive, but it will do less harm to your hair than one with metal plates.

  • Ceramic plates also aid with frizz control.

  1. Sometimes get a hair crimper with metal plates

Choose a model with metal plates if you only want to curl your hair on rare occasions. With limited usage, the fact that these plates inflict more damage than ceramic plates does not make a significant difference.

  • Crimpers with metal plates are also the most economical option.

  1. Choose a crimper with temperature adjustments 

To minimize damage, thin hair should be crimped at a lower temperature than thick hair; thus, you should avoid purchasing a crimper with a single temperature option. Choose a model with customizable temperature settings and a variety of temperature choices.

  • The temperature range or maximum temperature is specified on the package of many heat styling tools.

  • Several versions have an automatic shutoff function.

  1. Choose a crimper depending on the size of the desired waves 

Crimpers are offered in a variety of barrel sizes. Use a crimper with a broad, wide barrel and deep grooves for enormous, gentle waves. Use a hair crimper with a small barrel and narrow tracks for tiny, tight spirals.

  • You may purchase a wire hair crimper at salons, beauty supply shops, department stores, and the Internet.


Is crimping healthy for the hair?

Can crimping your hair cause damage? A. Any hairstyles that include the use of heat are harmful to the hair, including crimping. This is why you must use an excellent heat protectant spray while crimping your hair to prevent heat damage.

How can the quality of crimping be determined?

In terms of crimp quality testing, IPC and the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association advocate two distinct kinds of tests (WHMA). They are the pull test and the crimp test. To achieve Class II requirements, appropriate pull-force testing must be performed on all crimping projects.

Should hair be straightened before crimping?

To use a hair crimper, you must begin with completely dry hair. Any amount of moisture in your hair might cause irreparable harm. You'll also want your hair to be relatively straight, so those with curly or even wavy hair should use a round or paddle brush to dry their hair straight.

How long is a crimp effective?

The duration of cramps ranges from a few seconds to 10 minutes. Thigh cramps often persist the longest. During a bout of cramping, the afflicted muscles become tight and painful, and the feet and toes become rigid. As the cramps subside, you may have leg discomfort and soreness for many hours.

How should I choose a hair crimper?

Choose the appropriate size crimper for your hair type. To style your hair or bangs, use a larger crimper for long, thick hair and a little crimper for short hair. 2. Material: The plates of hair crimpers are composed of a variety of materials, including metal, ceramic, tourmaline, etc.

Final thought 

So, do you know how to use a crimper? We provided a step-by-step guide and tips for choosing a crimper in this article. Hope it will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading our post!

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