How To Use Electric Screwdriver: Step-By-Step Guide

A portable screwdriver is an essential instrument for pros and hobbyists, and its use is unavoidable. If this is your first time using a power tool of this type, you will find it handy and helpful for job duties. Here are some pointers and strategies to help you learn how to use an electric screwdriver.

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Electric screwdrivers are electronic hand instruments that can be used to drill fasteners. Compared to their manual equivalents, they help save time and effort on jobs that require many pins, such as building flat-pack furniture.

Portable screwdrivers, also known as electronic screwdrivers, are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can be used for a variety of tasks around the house, from minor upkeep to significant Construction projects.

There's no need to think about electrical cables getting in the way of these power tools because reusable batteries, typically lithium-ion, fuel wireless screwdrivers.

Types of electric screwdrivers

An electric screwdriver is the perfect instrument for light construction uses such as electronics or medical device production that require delicate work. It is compact and provides power control and improved output. Furthermore, it will instantly halt when the predetermined force is achieved, making it reasonably simple.

In terms of size, it can be divided into 2 types: normal electric screwdriver and mini electric screwdriver. In essence, there are 2 main types: Standard and brushless. Small carbon brushes inside a regular electric screwdriver transmit electricity between the fixed wires and the revolving handle. While this type of screwdriver is still very effective and accurate, remember that heat can reduce the screwdriver's lifetime over time. Depending on the number of screws adjusted daily, standard electric screwdrivers generally require more frequent upkeep than brushless electric screwdrivers.

How to use an electric screwdriver

There are two types of electronic screwdrivers. Each class has different uses. Let's find out how to use both of them.

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The following are the basic steps to take when using a brushless electronic screwdriver that is powered by a converter (power supply):

  • Begin by connecting the screwdriver and the generator with a power tool cord.

  • Connect the power cable to the generator and the power socket.

  • Examine the transformer's voltage gauge. Examine the transformer's "on" and "off" switches if not turned on.

  • Choose the right part.

  • Pull back on the bit strap.

  • Attach the bit and pull back the collar.

  • Check that the bit matches the fastener's head.

  • Rotate the torque control screw to determine the power limit.

  • Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to boost the force. Reduce the tension by turning the screw backward.

  • Use a torque-testing device to confirm the torque level.

  • Turn on the motor to ensure correct movement.

  • Apply force by squeezing the handle. Apply gentle downward pressure to the driver's snout on Push-to-Start versions. When the fixed tension is achieved, the screwdriver will instantly cease.

To extract the bolt, turn the button to the Back position.

How to use Standard screwdriver

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The functioning of the two kinds of instruments is comparable, with a few minor differences to be aware of. Here's how to use a Standard electronic screwdriver that uses a rectifier:

  • Connect the power cord to the generator and the tool.

  • Adjust the center band.

  • Connect the power cable to the generator and the power socket. Switch on the power button.

  • Select the appropriate part.

  • Pull back on the bit strap.

  • Attach the bit and pull back the collar.

  • To determine the quantity of force required, turn the torque control screw. The force rises clockwise while decreasing counterclockwise.

  • Please turn on the motor and check that it turns correctly.

  • Squeeze the handle slightly to impart force. Apply gentle downward pressure to the driver's snout on Push-to-Start versions.

  • When the fixed force is achieved, the vehicle will come to a halt.

  • To remove the bolt, turn the for/rev button to the "reverse" position.

Tips for using electric screwdriver safety

Make sure you have the correct parts when using a cordless screwdriver

When dealing with electric tools like a portable screwdrivers, using the correct screwdriver blade is critical. Pieces are available in a range of forms and sizes. The type of fastener you're using is also essential. The PZ2 is the most commonly used medium wood screw tool. Look for the engraved signature on the metal when choosing a piece.

Make sure you're using the right cordless drill tip

After selecting the correct bit, ensure it's firmly attached to the screw head. However, if unsure, position the screwdriver blade at a 45-degree inclination. You use the good bit if the bolt remains on the screwdriver bit and does not fall off.

You can attain constant pressure using the on-and-off method

Remember to ease up on the pressure when you notice the bolt is almost in position. Otherwise, the bolt will penetrate too far into the wood. You can use the on/off switch to control how far the bolt you're working with is driven into the board.

You should prepare first before focusing on the actual job.

If you're new to using an electric screwdriver, try on a scrap piece of wood before moving on to the primary job. With exercise, you will be able to handle the instrument. It's also a good idea to read the manual for your power tool and become acquainted with its various possibilities, as this will ensure that you know what to do when working on the actual task.


When should an electronic tool be used?

It can drive nails in places where a drill cannot. Its small dimension also makes storage simpler. Because it does not generate as much force as a drill, it can drive nails into porous wood without splitting it.

Is it simple to use electronic screwdrivers?

Electronic screwdrivers stand in for power tools and hand screwdrivers. These helpful electric tools are lightweight, simple to use, and extremely useful when building furniture, displaying artwork, adjusting loose bolts, or performing similar tasks around the house.

Is the knife turned left or right?

Apply modest pressure to the tool as it enters the bolt. Rotate the tool backward while applying weight to the bolt to release it. Remember that the expression "Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey" is helpful for recalling which direction to tighten nuts.

Final words

You already know how to use an electric screwdriver through the above information. Hopefully, proficiently utilizing this tool will make it easier for you to install the devices.

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