How To Wash A Dog Bed: Step-By-Step Guide

The dog bed is a specialized bed for pets. It helps to keep warm and ensure your pet's sleep. However, after a period of use, it also needs to be cleaned. So how to wash a dog bed? Please scroll down and read it now!

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If you do not clean your pet bedding, dust, grime, pee droplets, and soil marks will collect on it, making the stench intolerable and leaving your dog vulnerable to disease.

Furthermore, hair from your canine rests on their bed, necessitating frequent cleaning. Cleaning it on a regular basis will maintain your house clean. It will also keep your companion healthy.

Your dog's bed, like your own, needs frequent cleansing.

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Once a week, wash your dog's blanket to keep it spotless and free of bugs and allergens.

If your canine goes for walks, muck, grime, or excrement may collect on their blanket. Aside from cleaning, a cleaner can be used to clear the hair and dirt from the complete bed. It can save you from having to launder the blanket regularly.

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There are different types of bed sizes: large dog beds, small dog beds, raised dog beds, etc. Although the size is different, if you know how to clean it properly, you won't spend too much time on it. If you need help with how to sanitize your canine furniture, follow these easy methods.

1. Get rid of all the hair

Vacuuming is the most effective method. It is a simple method for removing tenacious hair from your dog's clothing. If you moisten the bed first, all the hair will become attached, making removing it difficult. Before washing the hair, make careful to clean it.

Additionally, you can take it outside and agitate it vigorously. Then, using a canine hair removal tool, remove the hair.

Is the bed stinky? Then put some baking powder on top and wait a few minutes before cleaning.

2. Remove any stains

It is critical to eliminate all spots before placing the bed in the washing machine. Once moist, the sites may become difficult to remove. Even after repetitive cleaning, you will be unable to eliminate them.

Administer a soft spot cleaner and wait 15 minutes. Avoid using chlorine or any other harsh cleanser. This could cause harm to your dog's blanket (Pay special attention to this with memory foam dog beds). Dab the region with a clean towel until the spot remover has been washed away. This will help remove the discoloration while cleaning is simpler.

3. Make your blankets

First, check the packaging for directions on how to machine launder a canine blanket.

Wash the futon in tepid water in a washing machine. This will eliminate all germs and viruses that could harm your pet's health. However, excessive heat can damage the cloth.

It is also advised to use a gentle, chemical-free washing soap. Ensure that it is appropriate for your dog's epidermis. Harsh substances frequently cause skin reactions in pets.

4. Clean and refresh the duvet

The blanket should be rinsed at least twice. This will get rid of all of the filthy water and detergent.

The cushion should then be air-dried before your canine can use it again. You can heat it in the machine. The best choice, however, is to air it out in the light.

Ensure certain that no dampness remains. This will leave it fragrant and moist. It may even promote the development of mold.

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Other things you can do to maintain your dog's blanket tidy in between cleaning are as follows:

  • Clean the grime and hair frequently. A vacuum cleaner can be used. If you don't have one, a lint scraper or a cat hair extractor may come in useful.

  • Steam the blanket of your canine. Because the vapor is so hot, it kills all pathogens and pests, making it secure for your pet. It will also get rid of minor spots.

  • A blanket can be used as a secure cover over your dog's nest. This will keep grime and hair from accumulating on your pet's bed. Furthermore, the comforter will be simpler to clean.

  • Clean your dog's blanket with a clean towel soaked in vinegar water. This will help to remove spots and odors.

  • On a clear, sunlit day, leave the cot outside. This will keep it fresh until the next cleaning.

  • If using a waterproof dog bed, you should regularly clean the dog's hair and dirt instead of getting it wet.


Is it safe to launder the canine blanket in the laundry machine?

Cleanse the canine blankets in the washing machine according to the manufacturer's instructions, using the maximum suggested temperature level of at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply the cleanser to an inside seam or an unnoticeable region on the bottom to test the fabric's color fastness.

How do you launder a canine cushion that doesn't have a cover?

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If your dog's bed is tiny, throw it all in the laundry machine. Wash in boiling water according to the manufacturer's directions to eradicate germs. Pour in gentle, chemical-free laundry soap. Use a pet-specific cleaning solution to prevent skin irritations or sensitivities later on.

What detergent do you use to clean a canine bed?

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An outdated toothbrush and hand detergent or hydrogen peroxide are helpful in removing dried-on or difficult spots. Washing powder: Because pets are sensitive to odors, choose Tide Extreme Stain Release Free, fragrance-free without sacrificing cleansing strength.

Is it possible to sanitize cat furniture with detergent?

To remove any remaining hairs, launder the batch with pet-safe washing soap and add some pet hair dissolver. Using cloth conditioner or other items in washing may aggravate your cat.

How do you sanitize a canine blanket in the washer?

Pour 1/2 cup pure white vinegar into the laundry or into the fabric conditioner receptacle. On top of the canine blanket cover, sprinkle 1/2 cup baking powder. If your interior cushion is clean and fits in your dryer, you can combine it with your cover in Step 1.

Final words

Learning how to wash a dog bed is very simple if you take a moment to learn it. Hope you will be successful and have a clean and dry dog bed.

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