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Nilight 18022C-B 6.5Inch 2PCS 6.5 Inch 120W Spot & Flood Combo Bar Driving Waterproof Led Work Light Triple Rows Off-Road Truck Car ATV SUV Jeep Cabin Boat, 2 Years Warranty

By Nilight

  2,139 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number 18022C-B
• Model 18022C-B
• Warranty 2 Years Warranty
• Size 2PC 6.5Inch 120W Triple Row Lights
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

Brightness: Powerful 120 watts LED light bar, high-quality Led chips and clear PC lens, this LED pod emits 6000k pure white light, effectively light up the dark road during night

Combo beam: Appropriate combination of spot beam and flood beam for wide spread and further distance illumination;

Sliding mounting bracket: The sturdy bracket can firmly fix the light bar. Quakeproof when passing through rugged terrain

Waterproof rate: IP67 rate, seamless protective housing with waterproof glue, great performance of waterproof, dustproof and quakeproof;

Better heat dissipation: Special designed 6063 Aluminum profile with thermal grease can improve the heat dissipation ability

Fit type: Universal fit

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