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Windsor Sensor S15 Commercial Vacuum

By Windsor

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Product info:

• Part Number Windsor Sensor S15 - New

Product features

Powerful, 1.6 hp vacuum motor that pulls more dirt from carpets. Hospital-grade S-class filtration can trap 99.6% at 0.3 microns for greatly improved indoor air quality.

Ergonomic light-weight (1.5 lbs!) handle will increase operator comfort and productivity. Versatile on-board tools and extension wand make Sensor S15 ideal for detail cleaning.

Sensor S15 protects itself against damage whenever bag is full or clogged. Brush roller indicator light alerts operator when brush height is set incorrectly.

Housing: Heavy-duty, high-impact ABS plastic Brush Drive: Non-slip geared belt, with enclosed, electronic safety clutch and speed control Brush Speed: 5400 brush contacts per minute at 2700 rpm Dust Bag: Three-layer bag with 323 in (5.3 ltr.), enclosed, top-loading Filtration: 99.6% at 0.3 microns, 76 in (490 cm2) total filtration area

Wheels: 2.5" (6.4 cm) diameter rubberized Cable: 40' (12 m) 18/3 SJT, double-insulated Electrical: Operates on 120v, 60 cycle 230v

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