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HiBREW H4 - 3in1 Multiple Capsule Portable Coffee Machine Outdoor Domestic Onboard for Nespresso Docle Gosto Capsule Coffee Powder (Class)


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Product features

Compatible with coffee capsules: It is also compatible with DG capsules, NES capsules and freshly ground coffee powder.

Compact, lightweight and portable: Weight 600g, capacity 60ml. No matter where you take it, it won't become a burden on you. When driving, traveling or camping, please bring Hibrrew H4 to enjoy delicious coffee anytime.

One button operation, fast heating: No need for tedious operation, the whole body has only one button. Using the 12 V safety voltage, you can automatically heat and extract coffee in 6 minutes with just one click.

15 bar extraction:15 bar pressure, authentic espresso can be extracted anytime and anywhere.

Easy to clean:The accessories adopt a detachable structure, clean and without dead end, and ensure sanitation.

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