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Yinrunx Dual Band 2.4/5Ghz WiFi PCI-E Network Card 450Mbps PC Desktop Wireless Adapter,for PCI-E Network Card Fits Desktop with PCI-E X1 / X4 / X8 / X16 Interface

By Yinrunx

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Product info:

• Size 300M2.4G/5G

Product features

✅Dual band 2.4/5Ghz 300/450Mbps wireless speed, adopting advanced IEEE 802.11N technology, multiple antenna arrays composed of independent antennas, can dynamically adjust the beam, to ensure that WLAN users receive a stable signal, and can reduce the interference of other signals

✅2.4G and 5G dual-band coexistence, dual-band Wifi device has the advantage of stronger anti-interference ability, more stable WiFi wireless signal, faster transmission speed, and can make wireless devices more power saving, to meet the future of high-definition and Big data wireless transmission needs

✅PCI-E network card fits desktop with PCI-E X1 / X4 / X8 / X16 interface

✅Security feature WIE5102 supports Soft AP function for fast and convenient surfing the internet

✅Engineered 2 x 2dBi detachable external antenna. External antenna to improve WiFi coverage and performance

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