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Feit Electric GLP24FS/19W/LED Dual Full LED Plant Grow Tube Light, 1.73” H x 23.33” L x 4.9” D, 450 Nm Blue, 655 Nm Red Spectrum

By Feit Electric

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Product info:

• Part Number GLP24FS/19W/LED
• Model GLP24FS/19W/LED
• Warranty 3 year manufacturer.
• Color 450 Nm Blue, 655 Nm Red Spectrum
• Dimensions 1.73 x 23.3 x 4.9 Inches
• Size 1.73” H x 23.33” L x 4.9” D
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

GROW MORE WITH LESS - designed to replace traditional greenhouse Lighting, our LED grow lights deliver superior growing results using less electricity than traditional horticulture Lighting and operate cooler than HPS lamps to guard against leaf burn

DUAL FULL SPECTRUM LIGHTS - Our LED grow lights are ideal for greenhouse, horticulture, hydroponic or aquaponics planting and indoor gardening; The lights emit more blue spectrum wavelengths and Color for the appropriate photosynthetic response

FEATURES - this 24” energy-efficient LED grow light fixture emits more light in the useful 450Nm blue and 655 NM red spectrum than regular White light; Blue light promotes tall leafy plants, vegetative growth and the red light encourages budding, flowering, and fruiting

EASY INSTALLATION - lightweight durable polycarbonate housing includes a 5-foot cord; and housing socket to link 8 Fixtures; Low heat emission, so no burning of leaves, less cost to maintain temperature for a healthy environment for plants

UL CERTIFIED AND FCC COMPLIANT – Feit Electric upholds the highest standards for all our products with optimal performance and safety; check out our other plant grow light! With 40+ years of experience in lighting, we are the leader in lighting innovations

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