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LED Grow Lights, 200W Grow Lights 3x4ft Coverage, Full Spectrum Use Mean Well Driver and Dimmable, Indoor Plants Seedling Veg & Flower Growing Lamps 476pcs by PANDVILLOW


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Product info:

• Dimensions 5.11 x 21.65 x 12.59 Inches
• Size Mate-2000W

Product features

【High-energy radiation】: PANDVILLOW 200W LED grow lights adopts the latest LED technology, which can provide high PAR output of 2.7μmol/J and 600μmol/s, which is more penetrating than traditional plant lights and has a higher average value of PPFD, Thus providing a better PAR output, providing a good growth environment for plants, and help you rise Yield by 30%, bringing you good economic benefits.

【Full spectrum】: Provides all the growth cycles of plants-white, red ,blue, IR (3000K,5000K, 660nm and IR 760nm), Meet the seedling, growth, and maturity stages of plants, Red light is mainly concentrated at 630~660nm, which helps plants to bloom and bear fruit, and blue light is mainly concentrated at 450~470nm, which helps plants grow stems and leaves.

【Cost effective】:PANDVILLOW 200W LED grow lights is a perfect commercial LED grow lamp, which brings you economic benefits while reducing your commercial costs. The power consumption is 50% less than traditional lamps, Occupies less space.

【Safety】: PANDVILLOW LED grow lamp adopts a high-precision quantum version. While improving the quality of light, it is waterproof, anti-leakage, does not emit a lot of heat, and does not have any noise. Each light bulb emits more than 100,001 hours.

【Professional】:The PANDVILLOW R&D team focuses on researching all areas of commercial planting, from design, raw materials to production, every link is strictly controlled.

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