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WEiCREA 🌿 MATRI-X4000 🌿 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Real Full Spectrum Samsung Diodes 2.7+ μmol/J Dimmable Growing lamp, 1332 LEDs 400 Watt, Perfect for 4x4 and 5x5 ft Coverage


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Product info:

• Dimensions 3 x 22 x 21 Inches
• Size MX4000 [400W]

Product features

🌱 【UPTO 50% YIELD INCREASE AND ENERGY SAVING】 The LED Grow Lights Design for Harvest. Consume only 400W actual power to replace traditional 1000W HPS/MH grow lamp with 1332 PCS LEDs, time to start harvest surfing.

🌱 【SUNLIGHT FULL-SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT】 High Quality SAMSUNG LM301D Diodes (Performance comparable to LM301B) with full spectrum design closest to NATRUAL SUNLIGHT, bring 2.7+ umol/J highly efficient experience and best cost-performance to maximize your yields.

🌱 【20% MORE LIGHT ENERGY FOCUS TO PLANTS】 Advanced Reflector Could minimize the light loss to aisles and walls, increase 20% More Light Energy Focus to the Plants meantime optimize the coverage and uniformity. MX plant lights perfect for 5' x 5' growing Coverage at 18" height. Adjusting the height and brightness according to your plants desired level for optimal growth.

🌱 【INVENTRONICS DIRVER】 HIGH EFFICIENT EVERGY SAVING GROW LIGHT. Higher efficiency means more energy saving, MATRI-X selects INVENTRONICS driver with 92% high efficiency to squeeze each watt performance to raise the PAR value, great for saving electricity bill while accelerating plant growth and harvesting.

🌱 【SIMPLE DIMMING AND NOISE FREE】 LED GROW LAMP FOR INDOOR PLANTS. Equipped multi-light dimming controller, easy to link and provide desired brightness for plants in all stages from seedling to bloom. The large heatsink could always make the lamp cool down quickly to work under best performance, fanless design for growers to experience the quiet indoor planting environment.

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