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LED Grow Lights Samsung LM301B Diodes Meanwell Driver, Dimmable Grow Plant Light Full Spectrum Growing Lamp 5x5 FT Indoor Plants, High Bright Plant Lamp with Epistar Red Lights 660nm, 480W 3500K

By Luxvoko

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Product info:

• Color 3500k Warm White +Red
• Dimensions 1 x 23 x 16 Inches

Product features

HIGHER YIELDS AND LOWER COST: Luxvoko grow light adopts the newest premium LEDs -Samsung LM301B diodes, high efficicency with 2.7umol/J, delivers powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to resulting maximum higher yields. Only consumes 480W, saving 50% power than HPS/ fluorescent grow lamp or the SMD LEDs grow light

COVERS ALL GROWTH STAGES: Optimal full spectrum (380nm - 730nm) plant light infinately close to sunlight spectrum and temp color 3500K. Added the 660nm red light to speed up flowering time and boost yields. Rich spectrum looks fairly natural and uniformly lights provides the desired needs for all growth stages from germination, clones or cuttings, mothers, vegetative, to flowering applications

EXCELLENT HEAT DISSIPATION: Finned Heat Sink --- Upgraded wide grow lights consist of thick aluminum finned heat sink, faster heat emission than the flat board growing light on the market. Movable Driver --- grow lights use Meanwell driver and with extension cable, allows to take the power driver away from the light board or take it out of tent if need. Less heat towards light board, more longer lifespan than other grow lamp

DIMMING DESIGN: led growing lights equips with an dimming knob, allows to control the light intensity at liberty to provides the desired needs for plants at different grow stages from veg to bloom. Saving your electricity while obtaining perfect growth performance for each growing phase. No fan and zero noise working

RELIABLE & WORTH BUYING: Compare to other brand grow light, This LED plant light with 1024pcs real Samsung LM301B diodes and 192 red diodes, safe and stable Meanwell driver, high efficiency and longer lifespan than other grow lamps. 60-month quality warranty, buy Luxvoko growlight and worry-free. For any questions, please feel free to e-mail us and we will resolve it for you

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