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TEROW ROW083 WiFi 6 Card 3000Mbps PCIE WiFi Card |Intel AX200 Dual Band 2.4G/5G Wireless Network Card with MU-MIMO |802.11AX |Heat Sink Tech |Bluetooth 5.0 |Support Win 10 64bit for Desktop/PC Gaming


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Product info:

• Part Number TXA083
• Color Red

Product features

【Advanced Intel AX200 Chip】WIFI 6 card is equipped with Intel AX200 chip and PCI Express interface, which can provide high data transfer rate and up to 4 times the capacity, which can bring users a low-power and high-performance experience. The PCIe network card speed is up to 2.4Gbps (5 GHz/2400M or 24 GHz/574 M), which can realize the smooth transmission of high-resolution videos, reduce dropped connections, and speed up the connection when away from routers and dense environments .

【Faster Speed & Wider Range】WIFI 6 complies with the 802.11ax standard, supports MU-MIMO technology, can accommodate larger data capacity, reduces latency, and can provide high-speed connections for multiple devices at the same time. WIFI 6 is equipped with 2 5dBi high-gain antennas, which expands your existing Wi-Fi receiving function, enhances the receiving output signal, covers a wider range, and brings you ultra-fast Internet speed experience.

【Bluetooth 5.0】Supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which can extend the range of 4 x Bluetooth signals. It can provide you with a powerful wireless data connection between your computer and Bluetooth-enabled devices (such as earphones, mice, keyboards, speakers, mobile phones, etc.), thereby achieving seamless connection, higher productivity and uninterrupted workflow. You can enjoy super-responsive real-time games, video calls or immersive VR experiences.

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