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VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 440LB/24H, Industrial Modular Stainless Steel Ice Machine with 250LB Large Storage Bin, 234PCS Ice Cubes Ready in 8-15 Mins, Professional Refrigeration Equipment


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Product info:

• Part Number LB-Ice machine
• Dimensions 65 x 22 x 29 Inches
• Size 440LBS/24H
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

RAPID & EFFICIENT ICE MAKING: Fueled by the 1320W brand compressor, VEVOR's commercial ice maker features high ice yield, producing about 440 lbs (200 kg) every 24 hours with its 234 PCs built-in ice tray. The ice storage space reaches 250 lbs (113.4 kg). Each ice-making cycle takes 15-20 minutes, determining whether the ice cubes are thicker or thinner. Different thicknesses serve different purposes.

DURABLE MATERIAL & SPLIT DESIGN: Our commercial ice machine comprises all stainless steel shell, Cyclopentane foaming layer, food-grade PP liner, and ABS cover. It will provide you with eye-pleasing rust & wear-resistant exterior and a reliable heat insulation effect, stopping the ice cubes from melting quickly. Besides, you can place the top half on your ice storage bin with the split design if you have the demand.

USER-FRIENDLY CONTROL PANEL: This split-type commercial ice machine is equipped with a practical operation panel with an LCD screen, integrating multiple functions. You can adjust the thickness of ice cubes by increasing or decreasing ice-making time and press the buttons to start automatic cleaning. Other parts are also equipped, such as full ice stop, ice-making reservation, auto ice fall, water shortage reminders, etc.

EFFECTIVE WATER FILTER: Our ice cube maker comes with a water filter featuring easy connection and reliable filtration. The ice machine would work properly in different water supply areas when connected to the filter, water inlet pipes (turning the tap water into drinkable pure water), and drain lines (discharging the water melted from the ice cubes).

WELL-DESIGNED DETAILS: With the built-in extra large ice tray, our split commercial ice maker can perfectly satisfy your demand. 4 rubber feet are equipped for enhancing its stability. The slope design of the ice storage bin is convenient for fetching ice with the offered ice scoop, and a hook is fixed on the inner wall for hanging. 4 cooling fans on the top can facilitate rapid heat dissipation, guard the ice machine from being damaged by high temperatures, and prolong its service life.

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