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Premium Gaming Monitor Cover | 27 Inch | Dust, Water & Cat Resistant Red & Black Monitor Covers for Desktops Gaming PC Computer Monitor Dust Cover Decor Size 27”

By Jubmach

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Product info:

• Color black, red
• Dimensions 15.35 x 3.93 x 25.19 Inches
• Size 27"

Product features

ULTIMATE AFK DEFENSE - With its rugged black diamond skin and fiery red trim, this cover gives your monitor the stylish protection it deserves when you're AFK.

FIT FOR GAMING - Designed to fit all major gaming monitor brands. Fits Asus, Acer, Dell, Razer, Alienware, Samsung, AOC, BenQ, Gigabyte, LG, MSI, Viotek, ViewSonic and Sceptre monitors.

TRIPPLE LAYER PROTECTION - Outer layer is dirt, dust and water resistant neoprene. Middle layer is diamond molded impact resistant foam. Inner layer is soft velvet.

SEVEN SIZES - With seven size variations for monitors between 22 to 34 inches we've got you covered.

BLOCKS LIGHT (AND CATS) - This cover is thick enough to completely block light from your monitor and will also guard your monitor against your curious cat's next assault.

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