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FebSmart Wireless AC 1200Mbps PCIE Wi-Fi Adapter with Bluetooth 4.2 for Windows 10 (32/64bit), Windows 8, 8.1 64bit and Windows Server 2012 2012R2 2016 2019 Desktop PCs (FS-AE120BT)

By FebSmart

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Product info:

• Part Number FS-AE120
• Model FS-AE120
• Color FS-AE120BT
• Dimensions 0.79 x 4.72 x 3.34 Inches

Product features

1.FS-AE120BT offers ultra fast and stable wireless connection at 2.4GHz 300Mbps and 5GHz 867Mbps max speed on PCs by PCIE X1 interface for internet surfing, file downloading, online gaming, Pro HD video streaming and audio device transmission.

2. Designed the bluetooth version 4.2 with enhance data rate technology, will allow users get high performance, low lantacy wireless audio tranmisstion such as bluetooth headsets, speakers, soundbars, audios systems etc.

2. Wi-Fi Protocol: IEEE 802.11 AC; Operation Frequency: 5.150 - 5.850 GHz and 2.4.12 - 2.4835 GHz; Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.2; Network Bluetooth Solution: Marvell AVSTAR Wireless AC 88W8897.

3. System Requirements: Driver Free on Windows 10 (32/64bit), Windows 8.1 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Windows Server 2012 2012R2 2016 2019, Linux and Chrome OS. NOTE: Do not support other systems.

5. PCI-E X1 design will compatible on PCI-E X1, X2, X4, X8, X16 slots. Based on PCI-E 2.0 comply with PCI-E 1.X ,2.X ,3. X. Low profile and full height bracket inside make sure it can work on mini size and standard PCs.Please make sure PCs have at least one active PCIE slot before purchase.

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