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Ninja SS351 Foodi Power Blender & Processor System with Smoothie Bowl Maker, Silver

By Ninja

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Product info:

• Part Number SS351
• Model SS351
• Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
• Color Silver
• Dimensions 14.17 x 8.19 x 8.43 Inches
• Release Date October 20, 2020
• Size 72 fl oz. (64 oz max liquid)
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

Ninja's Most Powerful Blender system that crushes, food processes, and makes smoothie bowls and dough.

Powerful 1400-peak-watt power-dense motor with smartTORQUE to power through heavy loads without stalling or the need to stir or shake.

Variable speed control. Start slow and ramp up as needed for precision chopping and mixing.

Power Blender & Processor Pitcher: crush, chop, and make smoothie bowls and dough conveniently in one pitcher.

Nutrient Extraction Cup with better breakdown for smoother extractions, smoothies, and frozen drinks (vs. BN750).

Smoothie Bowl Maker with built-in tamper powers through frozen foods with less liquid for perfectly thick smoothie bowls, nut butters, and blender ice cream.

6 preset Auto-iQ programs for one-touch smoothies, extractions, bowls, spreads, chopping, and dough.

Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Versatility of 3 vessels for 1 base—blend in the Power Blender & Processor Pitcher, Nutrient Extraction Cup, and Smoothie Bowl Maker and store just 1 base.

Includes 1400-peak-watt power-dense motor, 72-oz Power Blender & Processor Pitcher (64 oz max liquid) with Total Crushing & Chopping Blade, Dough Blade, Cleaning Brush, (2) 24-oz Nutrient Extraction Cup and Spout Lid, 14-oz Smoothie Bowl Maker with storage lid, Hybrid Edge Blades, and recipe inspiration guide.

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