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Mini Chainsaw Cordless 6-inch Handheld Upgrade Small Battery Powered Pruning Saw Electric Portable Hand Saw 21V Rechargeable Battery Operated Chainsaw for Women Men Wood Working Tree Branch Trimming


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Product info:

• Part Number Chainsaw
• Color Red
• Dimensions 16 x 9 x 4 Inches
• Size 6 inch

Product features

※ PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT:The 6-inch battery-powered mini chainsaw is lightweight and portable to carry. Handheld and cordless design make it comfortable and convenient to use in one hand and operate for a long time. It’s only 4.3 lbs, even very easy to operate and control for women.

※ EFFICIENT CUTTING: The mini battery-powered hand saw features an upgraded motor that adds an overheating protection function while ensuring strong power and adopts an integrated guide plate that dissipates heat quickly and is very resistant to drop and abrasion. The lubricating oil addition port design effectively prolongs the life of the guide plate and the chain, but also greatly improves the work efficiency.

※ ASSEMBLED:The cordless mini chainsaw has been installed well, it only needs to install the battery before using which greatly saves your installation time and reduces the probability of installation errors. This cordless electric chainsaw is very suitable for gardening pruning, bush pruning, small branch pruning, woodcutting.

※ HIGH HARDNESS CHAIN: The portable mini chainsaw is equipped with high hardness chains which have a long time using life and no need to change the chain frequently. The rechargeable battery can ensure smooth cutting and keep continuously running in high power output for about 30-45 minutes.

※ BATTERY POWER DISPLAY: Our rechargeable electric mini chainsaw is equipped with an upgraded lithium battery which has a power display function that allows you to discover the power usage to avoid sudden power outages during using and charge the battery in time which greatly improved the working efficiency.

※ SAFETY & ERGONOMICS DESIGN: We add a safety bezel to prevent wood splashing, a safety lock button to prevent accidental started. (Please note that the safety button and switch button must be pressed at the same time when starting, the safety button can be loosed when using.) The ergonomic non-slip handle fits the hand and feels very comfortable when using.

※ PACKAGE LIST: 1 x assembled 6 inch battery-powered chainsaw, 1 x power display battery, 1 x charger, 1 x wrench, 1 x screwdriver, 1 x user manual. For safety, please check the user manual or videos before using the chainsaw. BEFORE & AFTER-SALE SERVICE: Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts, we will provide you a satisfying service within 24 hours.

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