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Micro ATX Case Aluminum B3, Computer Case MATX, PC Case Dark Gray Color with Tempered Glass for Gaming Office Personal Home DIY


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Product info:

• Part Number B3
• Model B3
• Warranty 12 Month
• Color Grey
• Dimensions 10.8 x 12.8 x 6.3 Inches
• Size 12.8*6.3*10.8inch
• Number Of Items 20

Product features

MATX Case with 14.4L capacity and size 12.8*6.34*10.8 inches, 2.0mm thick aluminum body with dark grey color and 3.0mm thick tempered glass side panel. Very slim for gaming, office and home use

Power supply: Support SFX power supply, compatible with SFX-L. When using SFX-L power supply, graphics cards must be within 260mm

Motherboard: Support MATX motherboard(Size:244*244mm), compatible with DTX(Size:170*190mm) and ITX motherboards(Size:170*170 mm) Graphics card: 4PCIE, within size:333*150*89mm, supports heat sinks up to 135mm tall

Heat dissipation: Air Cooling supports 3*120 fans+ 2*90. Or 7*90fans Up: 1pc 12025+1pc 9025 (or 3pcs 9025), Bottom: 2pcs 12025 (or 3pcs 9025), Back: 1pc 9025

Hard Disk: Support 5*2.5-inch hard disk and 2*3.5-inch hard disk(2.5 inch hard drive height limit 10mm)

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