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LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants 5x5ft Full Spectrum Fill Lights Greenhouse Plant Lighting Hydroponics Growing System 3.0 µmol/J 1728pcs LED Dimmable Commercial Growing Lamps IP65 Spider Farmer

By Likleem

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Product info:

• Part Number MT-12C24B-66.2X893(R-)
• Model MT80-01
• Warranty Manufacturer warranty of 90days from the date of the purchase.
• Color Silver
• Dimensions 2.55 x 35.43 x 35.43 Inches
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

1. The light source: artificial sunshine, is composed by 1728 LED plant lamp beads: 1,440 sunlight beads and 2,880 red light beads. The luminous efficiency is up to 2.61μmol/s, and the effective photosynthetic radiation illuminance is 1310μmol/㎡/s (calculated from plant leaf surface and lamp body 800-1000mm), which meets the light efficiency requirements of PPFA medical plants. It's proved the plant growth cycle is shortened by more than 50% and can increase the yield and content efficiently.

2. It's made of aviation alloy aluminum(6063), which achieves the best heat dissipation effect (the normal temperature of the whole lamp is lower than 52℃). Compared with ordinary plants, it can achieve: 1) 50% of energy saving (power 600w); 2) 60% saving of production costs (manpower or complicated constant temperature and humidity system equipment); 3) Not excedding 3% of annual light decay( calculated on the basis of 16-18 hours of lighting per day); 4) The waterproof level IP65.

3. The driving power (transformer) and wire are certified with UL, CE and RoHS, and the wide voltage range of 100V-270V can be regularly used without adding external equipment.

4. Since the MT80-01 application plant growth lamp adopts three-in-one fidelity full-spectrum design and manufacturing with exclusive intellectual property rights, the luminosity (four-level) and height can be adjusted according to the needs of the plant growth cycle. So it requires no replace lamps or plants relocating during the entire medical planting (from seedlings to bloom and bear fruit).

Notes: Our factory has been engaged in LED professional R&D and manufacturing for more than 20 years, and is always at the forefront of this field in the development and application of plant lamps. Independent design, independent manufacturing and strict quality control with providing a warranty of 3-year.

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