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LAYOND 1500W LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301B Diodes (100% All Real), Full Spectrum Veg and Flower Indoor Plants Growing Lamp for Grow Tent Greenhouse and Hydroponics


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Product info:

• Model LYD-1500W
• Color Silver
• Dimensions 2 x 18 x 12 Inches
• Size 1500W

Product features

❀[Samsung LM301B Diodes] Adopts Samsung LM301B+Red 660nm+IR 740nm LEDs, high output efficacy 2.9μmol/J. It imitates sunlight like full spectrum and brightness, and from the results of experiments and tests carried out in our growing space, the approved yields can get to 2.5g/W.

❀[Smooth 0(OFF)-100% dimmable] With ON/OFF switch, the dimmable function enables you to adjust the brightness(energy) for different plants growing applications. However, please plug off if you don't want the power still on for long time.

❀[Big size and 4mm thick heatsink] With dimensions of 17.7'' length x 11.8'' width, the Aluminum heatsink is bigger than other brands at the same wattage. In addition, the thickness is 4mm. Sturday and sleek, good heat dissipation perfomance and long durability. Ideal veg footprint is 3 x 4 ft, flowering footprint is 3 x 3 ft..

❀[Reasonable LEDs Configuration] Covering wavelengths range from 380nm-780nm, it consists of 192pcs 3000K lm301b+96pcs 5000K lm301b+44pcs RED 660nm+4pcs IR 740nm LEDs, very good diodes configuration for full spectrum. It also offers higher brightness which imitates the sunlight better, ideal for all plants growth stages.

❀[Hassle-free Warranty Policy] We are a direct factory manufacturer. Our led grow lights have long lifespan and we officially offer 3 years warranty and we can refund unconditionally in 30days.

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