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VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 125LBS/24H with 50LBS Bin, ETL Approved, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction, Auto Clean, Clear Cube, Air-Cooled, Include Water Filter and Drain Pump


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Product info:

• Part Number XB95A
• Model Commercial Ice Maker 125LBS/24H
• Color Sliver
• Dimensions 19 x 34 x 25 Inches
• Size 95LBS
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

❄ Powerful Brand Compressor For Rapid Ice Making: The powerful 510-watt SECOP compressor has the function of reliable cooling and second-speed start, with longer service life than others. With a multi-grid ice tray of 50PCs (5x10), our under cabinet ice maker can produce 125 lbs (57kg) ice cubes (0.9"x0.9"x0.9") per 24 hours (each cycle of ice making takes about 10-15 minutes). The 50 lbs (22.7kg) ice storage cabinet offers more possibilities for your business.

❄ Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Construction: With ETL certification, undercounter ice machine adopts high-quality 304 stainless steel and food-grade PP material, elegant, durable, and easy to clean. The double-layer thickened foam layer effectively isolates external heat and provides better insulation, preventing ice cubes from melting. (Suggested: please transfer the ice cubes to refrigerator, if you don't use them instantly)

❄ Advanced Control Panel For Simple Operation: The commercial under counter ice maker comes with an easy-to-operate control panel that simplifies the previous tedious buttons, making the operation much more explicit. The streamlined buttons still support various functions, including ON/OFF, ice thickness adjustment, one-button cleaning, timer set, etc.

❄ 2 Water Filters And Electric Drainage Pump: Comes with water filters for turning tap water into drinkable pure water, electric drainage pump for draining the water from the melting ice. So that it can be installed easily anywhere inside your house, or restaurants, just make sure always to have a water outlet near your machine. Two set adjustable feet can not only adapt to uneven ground, but also adapt to Bars of different heights.(One set feet: 2.95inch; another set :5.3-5.9inch)

☎ Warranty And After-sales Service: VEVOR is committed to providing customers with premium industrial ice machines at reasonable prices. The model of this ice maker offers ①30-day resend or return on quality problems or logistics damage; ②2-year warranty from the original purchase date; ③Lifetime technical service support. Customer satisfaction is our top pursuit. Our vision is to continuously innovate and improve our products based on customer suggestions as well as current industry trends.

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