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TEROW ROW076 WiFi 6 PCIe WiFi Card 3000Mbps Bluetooth 5.0 |802.11AX | Intel AX200 Dual Band 2.4G/574M 5.8G/2400M Wireless Network Card | MU-MIMO | Low Latency | Support Win 10 64 bit with Shield Cover


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Product info:

• Part Number Txa076-pb
• Color WiFi 6 Network Card 3000M

Product features

【Transmission speed up to 3000M】PCIe wireless network card is equipped with PCI Express interface and Intel AX200 chip, which can reach an ultra-high transmission speed of 3000M(2.4G/574Mbps, 5G/2400Mbps). Ideal for desktop computer online gaming and 4K Ultra HD video streaming. It supports the 802.11ax standard, which is at least 37% higher than the current 802.11ac rate, which can greatly improve effective bandwidth utilization and provide a better experience for devices.

【Support MU-MIMO technology】Wifi 6 card supports MU-MIMO technology, which significantly improves network quality and increases Internet speed by more than 3 times. The PCIe WiFi card can support multiple terminals to send in parallel without queuing, reducing delay and improving data throughput. The wireless network card is equipped with a 2x5dbi high-gain antenna, which enhances the strength of the wifi signal, provides a wider coverage area, and brings a smoother online experience.

【Bluetooth 5.0 technology】Using the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology, wifi 6 adapter can extend the range of 4 x Bluetooth signals, and can quickly transfer large files without long waiting, and there is no need to worry about weak indoor signals. At the same time, the Bluetooth function can connect Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth mouse, earphone, stereo, keyboard, etc., to realize wireless connection and transmission.

【Only Supports Windows 10】Only supports desktop Windows 10 64-bit system. The Internal Computer Networking Cards has advanced heat sink technology, which can effectively dissipate the heat generated inside the network card when the wireless network card is running, so as to maintain the temperature and operation of the network card, and can play a good protective role when running large games or ultra-clear movies.

【Service & Warranty】Our purpose is to provide customers with satisfying service and high-quality products. So if there is any problem about our product, you can contact us immediately. We offer 30days free return/exchange service for our customers.

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