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ATREUM HYDRA-1000 100W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum - Samsung LM301B LED Diodes, Meanwell XLG Driver, Daisy Chain Dimmable Grow Lamp for Indoor Plants Veg Flower Hydroponic Greenhouse 2x2ft Coverage


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Product info:

• Model HYDRA-1000
• Dimensions 3 x 12 x 12 Inches

Product features

HIGH EFFICIENCY LOW OPERATING COSTS: Atreum Lighting uses the latest LEDs for high efficiency output of 2.7umol/J, delivering powerful light output for maximum higher yields compared to HPS, Blurples or other cheap LED lights. VEG: 3x3ft, FLOWERING: 2x2ft

UNIFORM CANOPY PENETRATION: The HYDRA-1000 is the only light to feature LEDs algorithmically spaced to produce the most uniform PAR map in the industry. This means your canopy will grow more evenly than similar LED boards on the market.

FULL SPECTRUM, FULL LIFECYCLE: Our grow light can be used for all stages of a plants growth cycle from seedling through flowering. The dimmable light with an actual wattage draw display is the only one of its kind that ensures you know exactly how much energy you're drawing.

REMOTELY MOUNTED CONTROLLER: The driver and controller can be set up off the light, and outside the tent to reduce heat and so as you raise and lower the grow light, you can consistently reach for the same place to adjust the light whether in or outside a grow tent.

UNBOX, PLUG & PLAY: The HYDRA 1000 comes ready to use out of the box, no wiring or set up needed. It also comes backed by an unbeatable guarantee. We're a US company and so we stand by our design. Got a question? Just send us a message on Amazon and we'll respond within 24hrs. We pride ourselves on talking directly to customers.

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