What Does Tanning Lotion Do

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, the process by which skin darkens, also damages the skin's genetic makeup. Now that we know tanning dries out our skin, tanning lotion is a necessity. Then the thought occurs to us: what exactly does tanning lotion accomplish?

What does tanning lotion do to your skin

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There are many situations in which tanning lotion would be helpful. The biggest pros are that it helps you retain water and avoid dehydration. You'll get a more even tan because this lotion stimulates melanin formation. 

The lotion's benefits extend beyond only minimizing the visibility of wrinkles and other aging effects due to the presence of certain vitamins or components that enhance skin firmness.

It might be hard to know which tanning lotion will give you the results you want because many brands claim to perform better on different skin types. Tanning lotion ingredients are broken down to help you pick the right one. 

You can find chemicals like silica, hemp seed oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, caffeine, and shimmer in a tanning lotion that will help you get your desired look. However, none of these are directly associated with tanning. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the chemical you should watch out for the most in tanning lotion.

It's commonly believed that using tanning lotion will result in natural sun protection once your skin has tanned. On the other hand, melanin production in the skin is responsible for typical tanning.

Melanoidins made by a tanning lotion won't offer the same defense for the skin. Fake tans are only rumored to have an SPF of 3, which is much too low to offer any noticeable protection from the sun, so you should still wear sunscreen. 

You could minimize your risk of skin cancer and other problems by using a tanning lotion. However, it's possible that a lotion tan won't shield you from the sun. You should therefore apply both sunscreen and tanning lotion.

Tanning Lotion Varieties

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Bronzers are widely used in tanning products to improve the tan, smooth out uneven tanning, and increase the tan's tone. It does an excellent job. They are effective whether you tan in artificial light, natural light, or no light at all. 

Regular use will produce a good tan with minimal or no exposure if they are not permanent. Tanners come in a variety of formulas, so you may find one that's ideal for your skin. If the product has more bronzers, your tan will last longer.

Maximizer and Booster Lotions

The accelerator lotion's components will help your skin retain moisture and shine. This variety of lotions does not contain any bronzers. Because the lotion is white, you can fake a darker tan by adding bronzers to it. 

The formula complements your skin's natural melanin. Only the colors that your melanin creates will be visible to you.

When compared to tanning in the sun, the process of using an indoor tanning lotion is quicker, and the resulting tan is darker. Accelerator and Maximizer Lotions have a higher concentration of moisturizers. 

Thus they will deeply hydrate your skin. This is the best selection you can find for those who have never been to a tanning salon or something before. Even though the UV rays are strong enough to give you a rapid tan, you won't have to worry about getting burned. 

Whether or not an accelerator or maximizer has a high concentration of moisturizer is the only defining characteristic between the two.

Tingle Lotion

Tingling lotions increase cell oxygenation and microcirculation thanks to ingredients like nicotinate and benzyl. Tingling, redness, and even burning are all possible side effects of using a tingle lotion. 

Applying a stimulating lotion to your face could cause a capillary to burst. When tanning for the first time, it's best to avoid using tingle creams. Tingle creams are used by regulars of indoor tanning clinics. 

The use of these lotions improves the effectiveness of sun exposure, stimulates the production of more melanin, and yields a darker, more durable tan. Reduce the tingling sensation caused by the lotion by adding an accelerator or bronzer. You'll finally be able to achieve a deep, even tan after years of struggling.

To chill out

Lotions containing coolants are the antithesis of tingling lotions. Coolants will provide a nice cooling effect. Also, they speed up the cooling down process after a tanning session. 

The coolants, which are formulated with invigorating cooling ingredients that refresh and soothe the skin, contribute greatly to the quality of the tanning experience.

Tanning Lotion: The Benefits and Drawbacks

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Tans tend to dry the skin out by blocking UV rays, so this benefit is welcome. A tanner helps restore lost moisture and provides a luxurious feel. Therefore, the tan looks better and healthier as a result.

Faster tanning is achieved with the use of tanning lotions by increasing the body's absorption of UVA and UVB rays from indoor tanning beds. Lotions containing tyrosine encourage the body to manufacture more melanin, leading to a beautiful bronze glow.

Several tanning lotions have been developed to slow the rate at which your skin burns, peels, and tans unevenly. Spending less time in the tanning beds reduces the risk of being sunburned.

Some of the components in tanning lotions might help your skin look younger and fresher. To that end, it's important to make sure your lotion has firming elements like vitamins and emollients.

The lotions are convenient since they may be applied in the same way as ordinary lotions. Tanning beds might make you feel unnatural and uneasy. However, numerous tanning creams will offer you a small cold feeling to make the whole process bearable.


Melanin production is sped up by using tanning creams that contain oils, which absorb more UV light. Tans stimulate your body to produce more of the pigment melanin.

Indoor tanning lotions don't have water resistance, so they wash off readily if you perspire heavily or go swimming. Apply creams that were created for that sole reason.

Using a tanning lotion increases your risk of sunburn. However, it may improve the odds of overcoming skin problems in the long run.

The creams do pose certain health risks and should be avoided. Lotions that aid absorption but don't provide protection from the sun's harmful rays should be avoided when sunbathing.


When I can, will my skin tone lighten?

Yes. Your tan will fade naturally as your skin sheds dead cells. Every day, the skin of a human being renews millions of cells. As new, untanned skin cells replace the old, tanned ones, your skin tone will return to normal.

May I apply tanning lotion before bedtime?

Because tanning lotion dries so quickly, it leaves you with dry skin and sheets all night long.

After using tanning lotion, is it OK to wash your face?

Wait for a few hours after tanning to take a shower if you care about preserving your skin's natural oil balance, say dermatologists.

Last word

Sun-free tanning is possible with the help of tanning products. The lotions will help your skin retain moisture while also promoting a uniform tanning effect. Easy-to-use tanning lotions come in a wide variety of forms, from bronzers and accelerators, and maximizers to tingling lotions and coolants.

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