What Is A Cookie Press - Tips & Tricks To Use

A cookie press is one of the best culinary instruments if you're serious about making hundreds of similar cookies in adorable designs. The mechanism of a contemporary cookie press is remarkably similar to that of a sealant gun. Once you master using a cookie press, you'll find reasons to use it besides the holidays. Here is everything you should know, starting with an explanation of what is a cookie press.

What Exactly Is A Cookie Press & How Does It Work?

What Exactly Is A Cookie Press & How Does It Work

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A cookie press, also known as a biscuit press, is a mechanism used to stretch cookie dough into distinct patterns, such as a star, flower, Fleur-de-lis, leaf, clover, shell, wreath, snowflake, pinwheel, ellipse, or square. 

Cookie presses are also sometimes referred to as biscuit presses. Typically, they are made up of a cylinder with a plunger or trigger mechanism attached. The extruding end of the cylinder is outfitted with a metal die-cut disc with the desired pattern.

The name "Spritzcookie presses" comes from the German term "spritzen," which translates to "squirt" or "spurt" in English. Germany and Scandinavian countries are big fans of pastries called Spritz. Some people refer to a cookie maker as a cookie cannon.

The majority of cookie machines include several different plates, each of which has a unique pattern. Cookies that are pressed are very similar to cookies that are piped. The mixture is placed in a pastry bag for piped cookies and then piped into an ornamental design. 

However, a cookie press can be used with much more resistant dough. Extrusion of the dough into separate shapes is possible. It is essential to avoid chilling cookie dough that is designed to be pressed, as this will cause the dough to become too rigid to extrude. Some doughs are naturally too stiff to be extruded using any method.

Most cookie crushers are performed manually, but motorized and battery-controlled versions are also available. Cookie presses are most commonly used to make cookies with decorative designs. 

However, some brands come with tips that allow the press to be used similarly to a piping bag, making it possible to use the press for filling, decorating, and other purposes as well. This makes a cookie press quite versatile for the home cook and even more convenient than pastry bags, as they are simple to clean and can be used multiple times. 

Most of today's versions are made entirely of plastic, which may break down after prolonged use. In addition, the mechanism that is supposed to keep the metal plates that are supposed to be extruding in position will frequently clack on and readily fall off unless the dough is extremely thin. 

Most people attempt to use cookie presses with much too firm dough, even though some versions are significantly more robust than others. Do not use an extruding tool like a cookie press with a dough mixture that is not designed for and suited to being extruded.

The Use Of Cookie Press

The primary purpose of a cookie press is to facilitate the production of exquisite and eye-catching designed biscuits. We find that cookie presses are the best tool when people want to make a more professional display, particularly for events like festivals. A cookie press is capable of a great deal more than that. Cupcakes can be iced with a cookie press just as easily as cookies!

The see-through container can have buttercream poured into it, and the end of the container with holes punched in it will produce an attractive pattern on top of the cupcake. You can also sprinkle it on desserts or make patterns on crepes or pancakes by using it as a topping. In addition to that, you can use a cookie press to make deviled eggs or even stuffed cream pastries.

How To Use A Cookie Press

How To Use A Cookie Press

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Although, at first, it might seem out of your reach, using it is usually quite simple. When using a cookie press, there are a few things you need to be aware of. The cookie makers must use the right dough.

The dough will only rapidly push through to make excellent biscuits if imperfect. Here's how to use this cookie dough press to make some incredible cookies:

Producing The Dough

Why don't we begin with the filing-in portion? In actuality, the cookie press functions significantly with dough. Make sure the dough has the perfect density for pressing.

  • Mix all of the dry components first. The dry components can be sifted in a sifter and combined with a wire spatula.

  • Next, stir the butter and sugar in a bowl until the mixture is uniform. You can now add eggs to the mixture one at a time.

  • You can add any taste, such as vanilla or food coloring, to make the flavor you prefer.

  • It's time to incorporate the dry components and create a batter progressively. 

If you don't want to keep making the dough, refrigerate it and store it in a secure receptacle for three months.

Using The Cookie Press

Here we are at the meat of the matter. If you've never used a cookie press, consider deciding between an electronic and a hand one. Both have comparable uses but vary in terms of effectiveness and simplicity.

  • Make sure your oven is preheated.

  • Now arrange a baking pan made of metal on a roasting plate. Grease the oven pan sparingly. Not suggested is the use of parchment paper.

  • Use a spatula to add cookie dough to the filler conduit or your log forms to insert the cookie dough.

  • You will also receive several pierced plates in addition to the cookie press. Choose a circular shape for baking your biscuits. Place the ball in the lead.

  • Push the batter release lever after positioning the cookie press vertically. It's best if little dough is visible; otherwise, your biscuits will lose their form.

Baking & Decorating

The greatest portion is now approaching: adorning.

  • Since pecans and other mix-ins cannot be added to the dough, now is a great opportunity to spread sparkles or chocolate chunks on top.

  • When the sides of your biscuits are browned, they are finished.

  • Now remove the biscuits from the oven. Scrape off the biscuits after letting them settle for about two minutes. They are very fragile, so extract them with a metal spoon.

  • The cookies are now ready for serving or storing in a sealed cookie container.

Some Tips For Using Cookie Press

Some Tips For Using Cookie Press

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After learning the fundamentals of using a cookie press and purchasing one, you must ensure you operate it correctly. I've summarized some things to remember when using a cookie maker. Let's look at it:

The Baking Platter Should Not Be Greased

The heating pan must come into close touch with the flattened dough. The biscuit may only shape correctly if the baking sheet is greased. The secret to making precisely formed biscuits is to avoid using oil. For the best outcomes, we also suggest that you forego the use of parchment paper and use a completely naked cookie pan.

Utilize The Proper Ingredients

When using a cookie press, you'll likely want to try out novel components like almonds or chocolate morsels. But we advise you to limit yourself to cookie-press recipes. When using a cookie dough press, the structure of the cookie dough is essential, and adding almonds doesn't work well. Nuts, figs, and chocolate pieces that are mixed in cannot be crushed.

Only Pour A Little Crust

Add enough dough to form a tiny cutting outline when flattening biscuits. Cookies with a press are intended to maintain their cut-out form. The biscuit will become rounded if you overfill it with dough.

How To Load A Dough Batter

Make careful to push out every last bit of air from the cookie press as you fill it. Press the previous batch close to the tip as you pour additional batter to ensure no air pockets.

Lots Of Exercises

We strongly advise exercising before using a cookie press for the first time and perusing the instruction booklet slowly. It's crucial that you carefully read the instructions and put everything up. You will comprehend everything better as a result. Before you achieve your first set of flawless cookies, practice and try many different methods.

Making The Cakes Press

When flattening the biscuits, you must maintain the dough at least 1.5 inches apart. The cookies will rise but rise less than overflowing biscuits because of the press and the tiny amount of dough. 

In addition, when pressing a cookie, be sure to wait until all the dough has been spilled before pressing another cookie. By doing this, you'll have fewer lines of cookie batter on your plate.

Cleansing & Ventilation

The biscuits would be very delicate when removed from the heating sheet. So, when picking them up, use a metal spoon. We advise manually washing your cookie press to sanitize it. You must still be cautious when handling the tiny components, even though all parts are dishwasher-safe.


A cookie press: Is it worthwhile?

A hand press is more readily available and less expensive to purchase. Moreover, there needs to be cable to think about. When embellishing with frosting, an electric cookie press, on the other hand, provides you with a uniform and continuous pressing. In comparison to a motorized device, it can also save you time.

Are cookie press biscuits freezer-friendly?

Make complex forms out of this simple buttery cookie batter using a cookie press, then have fun adding icing, chocolate, and chocolate chunks for decoration. There is no need to refrigerate cookie batter; the biscuits preserve and transport beautifully.

Which cookie press is preferable, motorized or manual?

There are conventional and motorized versions of cookie makers. Electric versions are less taxing on the hand than manual ones, which require some effort to push the bread out. They might also produce biscuits of more consistent sizes compared to human versions.


If you enjoy baking so much, you should have a cookie press. Once you understand what is a cookie press and how to use it, you'll adore baking even more. Making biscuits is a much more enjoyable procedure every day. Additionally, if the holidays are approaching, you can try a little to find the best cookie press. You'll feel more motivated after that.

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