When Can I Put Lotion On My Tattoo? - How To Use Tattoo Lotion

Remember that you just got your hands on something that will be on your skin indefinitely, and that's a pretty big deal. However, you really need to take extra care of your new tattoo if you want it to heal properly. When is it OK to moisturize your tattoo?

Careful Considerations for Moisturizer Use

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You Can't Apply Lotion Too Soon

Your tattoo artist will tell you to remove the bandage and wash it right away with antibacterial soap. However, you shouldn't try to fix it. You shouldn't apply lotion to use on tattoo until you notice it is drying out.

Recognizing Dry Skin

If your tattoo is dry, you can check its readiness by tautening the skin around it. Focus on that feeling; it should be firm to the point of laying on the verge of cracking.

Avoid Picking at Blisters

You'll be sensitive and flaky as soon as you come back to your house, just like a fish. You may also develop scabs. Don't pick at those scabs if you can help it!

If you pick a scab, it will take much longer to recover. Picking at a scab can be harmful to the new skin that is forming underneath. Wear loose-fitting clothing so your tattoo may breathe.

Cautionary Measures

Avoid exposing your tattoo to water in any form, including sunshine, baths, hot tubs, and pools. A tattoo that has been submerged in water for an extended period of a long time will eventually fade. In addition, the germs found in public water supplies can increase your risk of infection.

How Soon Should I Begin Applying Lotion to My Tattoo?

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Let's go over the basics of getting a tattoo for people who aren't familiar with it. First of all, the tattoo artist is poking your skin with a tattoo gun and tattoo needle. The skin is irritated and eventually becomes an open wound during the tattooing procedure.

A tattoo can bleed and leak ink because the needle punctures the skin. After getting a tattoo, you may experience some bleeding and seep for up to 48 hours. There is nothing that can cause alarm; this is entirely typical. 

Simply put, your body is trying to eliminate the 'foreign item' present in your skin. After the first and second days, the skin begins to close and heal, signaling the commencement of the tattoo aftercare process.

Now you know, in broad strokes, how a tattoo is made. Here, though, we'll zero in on a few specifics of the procedure:

A new tattoo is like a cut.

In the first 24 to 48 hours after getting a tattoo, it will bleed and exude excess ink.

After getting a tattoo, the aftercare process can begin right away.

The aftercare for your tattoo begins the moment you leave the tattoo parlor. Changing the tattoo cover and washing off any dried blood or ink will suffice for the first day. There's not much you can do till the tattoo stops seeping blood. But we'll get into that in further detail below.

Moisturize Properly

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Reveal Your Tattoo

Your skin will bleed blood plasma and ink for a few hours after receiving a tattoo. The reason is: your body is attempting to repair the broken skin.

Clean Your Tattoo

Use lukewarm water and light soap to clean the tattooed area. Rub: Rub your tattoo to remove any seeping blood or excess ink.

You shouldn't wash your tattoo too frequently until the ink has completely dried. If you wash your face too many times, the beneficial bacteria that could keep your skin healthy will be gone.

Skin Drying

Use a clean cloth (paper towel) to pat the skin dry. Don't rub, as this can cause fibers to become embedded in the tattoo and injure the skin.

Slather on the cream

Use a fragrance- and colorant-free lotion on a new tattoo to moisturize your skin. Do not over-moisturize; doing so may cause your pores to become clogged and will encourage the growth of bacteria. 

Your tattoo is quite normal to flake and peel despite the additional moisture. The borders of your skin will be white and flaky once it peels. Don't bother trying to remove those peels.


How soon until I can use lotion on my fresh tattoo?

When is it time to switch to lotion? At some point in your regimen of washing, drying, and ointments, you'll need to transition to lotion. Typically, this occurs between seven days and a week after getting the tattoo.

When my tattoo begins to peel, is it OK to apply lotion to it?

Lotions should be avoided for the first two days, but once you notice some tightening, drying, and peeling a few days after application, you can begin applying thin layers of lotion after washing your skin to soothe and hydrate it. But, and this is critical, don't simply grab any old lotion.

When should you clean and moisturize a tattoo?

Wash the area gently twice or three times a day until the tattoo's surface has healed, which should take at least two to three weeks. After the first two or three weeks, use a lotion-based aftercare product to apply a small layer to the tattoo after each cleaning. The after tattoo lotion and moisturizer After Inked comes highly recommended by us.

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Here's a condensed version of the article's content if you're having trouble remembering all you need to do or check out before applying lotion or ointment to your new tattoo.

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