When To Apply Eye Cream At Night? - Skincare Routine

Eye cream may sound indulgent or like something only "older" people need, but in reality, everyone can get something from using one. It's not simple to know when to put on eye cream.

When should I apply eye cream each day? 

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Just like you should wash your face and apply moisturizer twice a day, you should also use eye cream twice a day. Because the skin round your eyes is delicate, an eye cream was created for frequent use. 

Caffeine and hyaluronic acid help the skin retain hydration, so it won't seem as puffy in the morning. Every night before bed, use the triple-roller applicator to apply the serum to your upper and lower eyelids. Apply any leftover serum by massaging it in with your fingers.

Nighttime Eye Cream Application Procedure

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Applying Eye Lotion

Get some face wash. 

If you apply your eye cream to a spotless surface, it will soak in more quickly. Be sure to cleanse your face well before putting on an eye cream. Do this whether you're using a day cream, a night cream, or neither.

Remove the cream from the container. 

Apply any serums or toners you use after washing and drying your face. Always finish your skincare routine with your eye cream. Do not touch the cream without first washing your hands.

Put some eye cream on the skin near your eyes. 

When applying eye cream, always use the ring (or fourth) finger. It's the one finger that can't hold anything. If you use your ring finger, you reduce the risk of injuring the delicate skin around your eyes.

Pick your moment. 

Some eye lotions are designed to be used just before bedtime. In addition to being thicker, they may also contain anti-aging chemicals. Put on some eye cream 15 minutes before you turn in for the night.

How to Find the Perfect Eye Cream

Make a prioritized list. 

Your eyes are a striking part of your face. It's truly natural to want to give them the gift of radiant skin. Think carefully about what you want before running out to get an eye cream.

Examine some examples. 

The cost of an eye cream may surprise you. The price may seem excessive, especially considering the size of the packaging. You should check out a few products before settling on one.

Inquire for help. 

The skin of human is the largest organ in the human body. Maintaining it isn't always easy. Fortunately, you can get advice from a wide range of specialists.

Taking Care of Your Skin

Don't forget to drink water. 

You truly ought to take care of your skin in general. Hydration is a crucial aspect of skin care. Get your skin the hydration it needs by following these tips.

Make a reliable schedule for yourself. 

It takes work to keep skin in good condition. Taking care of your facial skin properly is a multi-step process. Faces should be washed with mild soap.

Take a nap. 

Skin can take a serious beating from sleep deprivation. The delicate skin surrounding your eyes is especially susceptible to this. Lack of sleep could cause puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Common Eye Cream Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Not Using the Most Effective Eye Cream Formula

Eye creams, like other skin care treatments, come in many formulations to address specific issues. Pick an under-eye cream that's formulated for your skin type for the best effects. 

If under-eye darkness is your primary issue, try an anti-aging eye brightener like L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Rosy Tone. This potent cream can lighten the appearance of dark circles, resulting in eyes that appear less tired and more alert. 

Incorrect Product Order Application

It's important to know the proper order for applying your skincare products so that they can have the maximum effect. Applying goods in accordance with their intended thickness or texture is a simple rule to remember. 

If your eye cream is more emollient and thick than your moisturizer, apply the eye cream last. You could use it before your moisturizer if it's not too heavy.

Applying Eye Cream to Dry Areas

Applying an eye cream while your skin is still damp will allow you to reap the maximum restorative effects. Because a cream applied to damp skin is more effective in locking in moisture, preventing the skin from drying out. 

Therefore, swab the skin around your eyes with a cool, damp towel before applying eye cream to enable some extra moisture to set it.

Excessive Product Use

Since the skin around your eyes is quite tiny, a pea-sized dollop of eye cream should be sufficient to treat the region beneath both eyes. You truly want to get the most out of your expensive eye cream, so use only a small amount at a time. 

Remember, you don't really need to spend a small fortune to obtain the greatest results; this solution is loaded with antioxidants and helps to target five indications of aging, from dark circles to creepiness.

Applying Eye Cream Directly To The Eyes

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Applying eye cream too close to the eyelids or at the lash line increases the likelihood that some of the product will get into the eye, where it will cause discomfort and possibly burn. 

The most secure application method involves placing a few small dots of product along the orbital bone, directly under the eyebrow, and under the eyes in a semicircle, about half an inch below the lash line.


How late in the evening should I use eye cream?

A retinol eye cream and an eye area moisturizer should be used nightly, beginning an hour before bedtime, to allow for absorption before you get into bed.

Should I apply eye cream before bed?

Because of its vulnerability, this area is often the first to show signs of aging. To maintain the region looking its best now and in the future, we advise everyone to use eye cream twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

When applying a night cream, when do you prefer to apply under-eye cream?

Making the most of your skincare products requires following the recommended application sequence. Because a moisturizer's general purpose is to look for moisture, it is recommended that eye cream be applied first, followed by the moisturizer.

Final Say

To maintain the region looking its best now and in the future, we advise everyone to use eye cream twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

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